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Pearl Waterless Car wash products. Wash ,Polish and Wax your car in one step simple spray wipe and buff without water and without scratches.


  • 1. Ford Transit treated with Pearl waterless products. For those of you who still have doubt in Pearl Waterless Carwash products here is the Ford Transit cleaned from this soiled rain without any scratches. Simple Spray wipe and Buff direct on dirt.

2. Now wipe dirt with the pre wetted microfiber cloth and buff to shine with a dry microfiber cloth. 3. Pearl Waterless at Tigne point Malta clening the Alfa Mito by Autoshine Garage. Thank you Autoshine Garage and for the special products Pearl Waterless the new era of cleaning and polishing the vehicles at the same time. without water. Now it's a good looking Alfa. 4. For More Info Visit @