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  • Global Scale of English (GSE)

    Developing a more granular proficiency scaleThe GSE builds on research by Brian North and the Council of Europe in creating the Common

    European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The GSE has been psychometrically

    aligned to the CEFR.

    Personalised learning through tailored learning objectivesAlong with the learning objectives the GSE

    provides a comprehensive solution for English

    language teaching and learning with:

    A proficiency scale Teaching and learning materials

    such as Speakout 2nd edition

    Low- and high-stakes assessments such as Progress

    A range of Learning Objectives for Adult Learners of General English, Academic English, Professional English and Young Learners (aged 6-14)

    For more information and to download the 4 sets of GSE Learning Objectives visit

    10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90

  • Welcome to the 2016 Pearson ELT catalogue.

    At Pearson, we are always looking at ways we can support you in your teaching. This year, we bring a fresh, new look to our catalogue to showcase our products in a more simplistic way so you can see, at a glance, what the product is and how you can have it, and how best to use it to suit you and your learners needs.

    It is a journey and we will be with you every step of the way.

    The Pearson ELT team


  • Look out for lots of new, exciting products from Pearson ELT in 2016. Here is your at-a-glance guide to our new offerings:


    Big English Plus / (AmEng & BrEng) Page 33 More reading, More grammar, More exam preparation

    Engage your students with rich and varied content and help them develop independent learning and critical thinking. Encourage progress with ongoing review and assessment.

    PopTropica English / (AmEng & BrEng) Page 28

    Make learning English an unforgettable adventure! Beautiful in-class materials and fun-filled online activities create a world of excitement that kids wont want to leave.

    Big Science / Page 34 Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate

    Uses the 5E learning sequence to help your students to build their own understanding of new ideas.


    CCU / (AmEng & BrEng) Page 43

    A series of 10 videos to complement many of our secondary courses. Accompanied by student worksheets and comprehensive teachers notes.

    Focus / Page 52 Motivation, Memory, Meaning

    A rich, varied, course for upper secondary students. Designed to motivate older teens and help prepare them for exam success.


    NorthStar 4e / Page 68

    The new edition continues to engage and motivate students with contemporary topics delivered through print and online components.

    Side by Side Extra / Page 69Side by Side has helped over 30 million students succeed as language learners. Now, the series you love is available with eText to fit every learning and teaching style.

    Top Notch 3e / Page 64

    Discover the new edition of the award-winning communicative course trusted by teachers worldwide.

    Something New


  • In the digital world we have made lots of changes to how we produce and deliver our products. However, this does not mean traditional print versions are no longer available. Look for the icons below on product information so you can see if its a print, digital or blended product.

    Digital: The course features digital components only, such as eText, ActiveTeach or MyEnglishLab.

    Print: The course usesprinted materials only,there are no digital assets.

    Blended: The course is availablein print but has supporting digital elements such as eText, ActiveTeach and MyEnglishLab.


  • What we have to of fer

    16/39 PRIMARY


    102/131 DICTIONARIES


    154/155HOW TO ORDER







    132/137 GRAMMAR


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  • Measure student progress against recognised standards during your course.

    Personalise your teaching based on what your students really need to learn to make progress.

    See precise and consistent assessment of student profi ciency in English.



  • 11

    Introducing Progress: The first ever integrated skills test package specifically designed to objectively and accurately measure student progress across all skills during a course.

    Fully automated online tests including speaking and writing sections save teachers time and provide fast results

    Adaptive test with multiple entry levels give precise results against a standard and granular scale

    Personal score report for each test shows progress by skill to truly inform teaching and learning

    Available as a stand-alone test package to be used with any adult or young adult course.

    Find out more at



    Progress 15-30 25-40 35-50

    Student Access Card 9781447974123 9781447974130 9781447974147

    Progress 45-60 55-70 65-80

    Student Access Card 9781447974154 9781447974161 9781447974178

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  • 1515


    How to use these symbolsThis key is designed to enable you to see, at-a-glance, important information about our courses and products.

    On any product page, look for the icons that appear in the title bar that depict the delivery style, language and available levels for a course, as well as the expected range you can achieve on the GSE and CEFR.


    The product is available in British English.

    The product is available in International English.

    The product is available in American English.


    Type of product

    Print: The course uses printed materials only, there are no digital assets.

    Digital: The course features digital components only, such as eText, ActiveTeach or MyEnglishLab.

    Blended: The course is available in print but has supporting digital elements such as eText, ActiveTeach and MyEnglishLab.

    Measurement system

    The range a product covers in the Global Scale of English.*

    *GSE not applicable to Primary courses

    The range a product covers in the Common European Framework of Reference (for languages).

    The number indicates how many levels a product has.

  • Primary correlation chartThis chart is designed to show where each of our products fi ts with one or more of the following: CEFR, CYLET and Pearson Test of English Young Learners. This will help you to choose the course which best fi ts your students needs.



    PTE Young Learners

    Cambridge Young Learners Tests

    First WordsBreakthrough Springboard Quickmarch

    Starters Movers Flyers

    A1 A2 B1CEFR

    Big Fun p.23

    Pockets 2nd Edition p.23

    My Little Island p.24

    Ricky the Robot p.24

    My First English Adventure p.25

    English Adventure p.26

    New English Adventure p.27

    Poptropica English p.30

    Our Discovery Island p.31

    Islands p.32

    Pearson English Kids Readers for Poptropica English


    Big English p.34

    Big English Plus p.35

    Backpack 2nd Edition p.37

    Backpack Gold p.38

    Yazoo p.39

    Fly High p.40

    Longman ChildrensPicture Dictionary


    New Round-up p.41

    New Grammar Time p.41









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    Mario Herrera, Barbara Hojel

    Big Fun for a big start in EnglishSee details of the course on page 20. Fun Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

    Students Book 9780132940542 9780133437430 9780133437447

    Workbook w/ Audio CD 9780133437546 9780133445220 9780133445275

    Teachers Edition 9780133437522 9780133445190 9780133445244

    Class Audio 9780133437492 9780133445152 9780133437614

    Active Teach 9780133819076 9780133819090 9780133819083

    Picture Cards 9780133437508 9780133445176 9780133437621

    Video Program 9780133437539 9780133445206 9780133445251

    Posters 9780133437515 9780133445183 9780133437638

    Puppets 9780133437553 9780133445213 9780133445268

    Reading and Writing Workbook 9780133437560

    Mario Herrera, Barbara Hojel

    Clap your hands for Pockets!

    Pockets develops English using fun activities with catchy songs and chants, photo picture cards, animal mascots and game-fi lled CD-ROMs. Pockets builds communication and confi dence using hands-on activities that relate to everyday life and builds a solid foundation in English that will last a lifetime. 1 Level 2 Level 3

    Students Book 9780136038986

    Students Book w/ CD-ROM 9780136038788 9780136038856

    Workbook w/ Audio CD 9780136039068 9780136038535 9780136039297

    Teachers Edition 9780136038993 9780136038801 9780136038863

    Class Audio CD 9780136039006 9780136038818 9780136038887

    Picture Cards 9780136039082 9780136038511 9780136039310

    Big Book 9780136136224 9780136136231 9780136136200

    Posters 9780136039112 9780136038504 9780136038931

    DVD 9780136039013 9780136038825 9780136038894

    Reading and Writing Book 9780136039808

    Puppets 9780131246546 9780131246638 9780131246720

    Teachers bonus (Pocket for the course) 9780138127817

    Little Pockets

    Students Book 9780132458313

    Teachers Edition 9780132458481

    Audio CD

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