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  • Pebax Heat Shrink Tubing

    The World's First Pebax Heat Shrink Tube

  • Palladium is a brand name of Pebax heat shrink tubing developed by Cobalt Polymers for the first time in the world in 1995. Pebaxhas many features of thermoplastic elastomer. It does not include plasticizer and is low in water absorbability and hygroscopic nature, as well as high stabilities in dimensions, mechanical properties, and electric resistances.

    About PalladiumTM

    Palladium 72 Durometer (7233) and 40 Durometer (4033) are in stocks.Palladium having durometers other than these two including 7033, 6333, and 3533 can be ordered only by production by order.White and black are available standard colors; however, other colors can be ordered by production by orderX-ray material such as carbon and barium can be mixed into Pebax HS tubes.For details, please contact us.

    Tubes that are orderedby production by order:

    Outer layerfor catheter

    shaftWire insulation Parts protector

    Unevenparts protector

    Auxiliary materialfor manufacturing

    Major applications

    Longi tudinal change is measured by Penn&Nitto without any mandrel. Use this value only as a reference.For the tubes with the shrink ratio 4:1, the longitudinal change is large. It was -60% in our laboratory test. If there is any specified f i l l ing mater ia l , we wi l l measure the longi tud ina l change and the opt imal shrinkage engineering using the material. Please contact us.Other tests including shrinkage properties and wall thicknesses before and after recovery can be provided selectively. Please contact us for the details. Please note that these tests results are not guaranteed by Cobalt Polymers so use them as references.


    Major characteristics

    1. Slim (expanded ID:36mm) and thin (wall thickness after recovered:

    0.05mm)2. Shrink ratios are either 2:1 or 4:1, covering wide range.

    3. High flexibility, high tearing strength and high resistance to wear

    4. Radiation sterilizable (gamma ray, electron beam)

    5. Low longitudinal shrinkage (for tubes with 2:1 shrink ratio, -15%)

    6. Superior surface finish and high adhesion to the target material

    Wide range of degrees of hardness covering from rubber to hard-plastic, whose shore durometers are from 35 to 72, is achieved by altering the composition of polyether and polyamide. I t has the higher elast ic i ty among other thermoplastic elastomer materials.Cobalt Polymers successfully applied these features into the heat shrink tube Palladium.

  • H-P4-280-006-CLRrecovering condition without mandrel




    Recovery temperature is 170C(338F) deg.C; however, set the temperature to 165C(329F) deg.C if you are using an electric furnace. If the temperature exceeds 170deg.C, the thin tubes may be melted.If you are using a heat gun, point the gun from the edge of the tube. Pebax is hot-melt resin, thus, be careful with the temperature above 170C(338F) deg.C.The walls of the tubes with the shrink ratio of 4:1 are extremely thin. The outer wall tends to stick together because of static electricity. When using the tube, put air into the tube to blow it before covering the target.A few centimeters of both ends of a tube are recovered before shipping for preventing the wall to be stuck together. Use an air gun with a nozzle to blow the tube.

    Notes on recovering Pebax tubes

    The tube shrinks at the moment the heat is applied.

    Keep applying the heat after the tube shrinks as above to completely recover.

    Before recovery



    Storage and validity periodStore with the temperatures lower than 40deg.C.Validity period: Within three (3) years from the shipment are warranted. (Three (3) years is the period when tubes were stored in the condition above. This validity is warranted by Penn&Nitto.)


    A heat gun was used at the temperature of 170deg.C in the above recovering process.

    As the wall thicknesses of Palladium are extremely thin, the tubes may be bent or kinked because of the static electricity during transportation.Cobalt Polymers are trying hard for improving the appearances; however, some of the tubes still have such appearances. Even though the appearances are not good, they do not affect the shrinking abilities of the tubes, as Cobalt Polymers guarantee that. Penn&Nitto also confirmed the ability of the tubes with bad appearances that they do not affect the tubes recovering abilities. However, if a target cannot fit in a tube properly because of the bad appearances, please contact us.

    72 Durometer '2:1' Length: 1.2m

    40 Durometer '2:1' Length: 1.2m

    Product IDH-P2-014-002-CLRH-P2-040-004-BLKH-P2-060-010-CLRH-P2-060-003-CLRH-P2-140-006-CLR

    Expanded ID (mm)0.360.911.521.523.30

    Recovered ID (mm)0.170.500.890.891.90

    Wall Thickness,recovered (mm)0.0500.1010.2540.0760.152

    ColorClear BlackClear Clear Clear

    Quantity (pcs.)


    Product IDH-P2-040-004-40-CLRH-P2-060-003-40-CLRH-P2-060-010-40-CLRH-P2-140-006-40-CLR

    Expanded ID (mm)0.911.501.503.30

    Recovered ID (mm)0.500.890.891.90

    Wall Thickness,recovered (mm)0.1000.0750.2500.150

    ColorClear Clear Clear Clear

    Quantity (pcs.)


    72 Durometer '4:1' Length: 0.3m

    Product ID


    Expanded ID (mm)


    Recovered ID (mm)


    Before Shrink (mm)0.0150.0380.0100.020

    Wall ThicknessRecovered (mm)




    BlackClear Clear Clear

    Quantity (pcs.)


    Palladium Pebax Heat Shrink Tubing Available sizes

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    WarningWhen disposing this product, comply with the Law Concerning Waste Disposal and Scavenging (Waste Disposal Law) and consign the disposal to a professional of industrial waste disposal companies.

    Pebax is a registered trademark of Arkema.Palladium is a registered trademark of Cobalt Polymers.

    Cobalt Polymers was established by incumbent president Robert Foley. He wanted to develop soft medical tubes which were aimed to alleviate patients' pains. Their first consumer product was thin and slim polyolefin tubing and it contributed to establish their reputation as a manufacturer of thin and slim heat shrink tubing.The polyolefin tubes are still their major product.In 1995, they succeeded in developing world's first Pebax heat shrink tube, Palladium. Pebax is a nylon type material which was popular as a medical tube. With Palladium, Cobalt Polymers established a certain position among other manufacturers.They are still leading the market in 2013 as a pioneer in the medical industry and have been contributing to medical industry.

    Cobalt Polymers is headquartered in the beautiful Alexander Valley in northern Sonoma County. Renowned for its vineyards and redwood groves, the region is also home to some of the world's leading medical device companies and manufacturing expertise. The Cobalt Polymers team includes experts in polymer chemistry, quality assurance, equipment design and production with decades of experience. They are eager to develop medical tubes that match the needs of the users of new generation cooperating with many other manufacturers.

    Penn&Nitto has contributed to society only with tubing products since its foundation in 1977. Not only manufacturing tubing on their own, Penn&Nitto also import tubing from the US and Europe for Japanese customers to be able to select optimum tubes for their uses. We are proud of adding Palladium to our selections.Palladium is the most highly-priced tubes in Penn&Nitto's product portfolio; however, this product has been used in many advanced medical devices in the world. Penn&Nitto expects Japanese customers to choose Palladium for many applications.