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Greenwich Perspectives assignment preparatory task

Greenwich Perspectives Pecha Kucha


Trinity Buoy Wharf

Trinity Buoy Wharf





Context The Corporation of Trinity House was originally a voluntary association of shipmen and mariners, and was granted a charter by Henry VIII in 1514

The river wall along the Lea was rebuilt in brick in 1822, making this the oldest surviving structure on the site.

Many new buildings were constructed during the Victorian period, and a number still survive of which the earliest, the Electrician's Building, was built in 1836

Electrician's Building

River wall Along The Lea

Container City

Early in the Trinity Buoy Wharf project we devised an innovative way of building affordable new workspace.

The prototypes, "Container City 1" and Container City 2 were built at Trinity Buoy Wharf in 2000 and 2002.

The Riverside Building is made from 73 containers and providing 22 separate units on five floor it was completed in September 2005.

Riverside Building

Container City

Greenwich Context

Sir Christopher Wren designed the Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich. The Painted Hall was painted by Sir James Thornhill (1675-1734).

Greenwich University began as a polytechnic in 1890. It became a university in 1992.

Geography of Trinity buoy wharf

Sir James ThornHill

Sir James Thornhill (25 July 1675 or 1676 4 May 1734) was an English painter of historical subjects working in the Italian baroque tradition.

Sir James Thornhill painted the art work seen in greenwich hospital

He does done painting in Blenheim Palace and has many famous paintings like Gods on Mount Olympus and Apollo and Daphne

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