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"Design Impacting Life, Life Impacting Design" is about the indirect impact other people have had on my design. From flaming flatulence, to a forbidden photocopier, to Robin Williams in drag, to the Bad News Bears of youth soccer, my presentation shows us that inspiration truly exists everywhere. It’s a bit Freudian, a bit silly, and mostly a look at how the people in my life have influenced my work. Presented in Charlotte, NC at Pecha Kucha Volume 5. The slideshow used the Pecha Kucha format of 20 slides at 20 seconds per slide (6mins 40secs).


  • 1. 1. My presentation is about how my unique life experiences and have impacted my creativity. Through a series of case studies, I will examine four people from my life, tell you a little bit about who they are, share an anecdote about them, and then reveal how that story shaped my design.
  • 2. 10 9 8 My Embarassment Level 7 7 6 3 Drives a Miata Loves Kenny G Tight Shoelaces Slept thru Grad. Plays Yahtzee Is on Facebook Performs Fire Farts at Restaurants 2. This is a highly scientific bar chart diagramming the embarrassment level I experience in relation to my dads antics. As you can see, his fire fart performances are most embarrassing. These occurred during family camping trips.
  • 3. + + Blue Flame Special 3. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Blue Flame Special recipe, I decided to visualize it for you. - Jeans must be Wranglers... according to my dad... to prevent back-draft. - Van Camps known for their musical fruit producing Pork and Beans. - Long Stick lighter, because my dad isnt that flexible.
  • 4. 4. And so, this traumatizing experience became the subject of one of my first graphic design projects in college. We were assigned a display case and chose a product to create a window advertisement for. Im especially proud of my tag line Comfart Food.
  • 5. Emailing Making Me Feel Guilty 8% 12% Sleeping 8% Eating 4% Cooking 4% Organizing 32% Putting on Lipstick 32% 5. This next case study is about my mother. Here I have diagramed how my mom spends her day. As you can see the 2 largest portions are spent organizing and applying lipstick. In fact, my mom has 5 strategically placed lipsticks: one in the bathroom, one in her purse, one next to the computer, one next to her recliner, and one in the car that one she keeps without a lid for faster applications.
  • 6. - mom = happy 6. But as fascinating as her lipstick obsession is, its her organization anal retentiveness that is the subject of my presentation. You see, I grewupinahousewithaforbiddenphotocopier.Whydidwehaveaphotocopier?Basically,mymomgotittoquenchher organizationalthirst.Anditwasn'tlongbeforeIfiguredouthowtouseit,andmoreimportantly,howtoabuseit.Unfortunately,my parentssoondiscoveredthattonerwasexpensive,andmassproductionofmyfunnyfaceswasn'tveryeconomical.Thus,Iwas banned.
  • 7. 7.Ithinkthebanishmentmusthavegivenmeacomplexthathassinceresurfacedinmyadultlife.Aboveisascannedselfportrait (theforegroundismyhair).Oneday,whileburningthemidnightoilatwork,IdecidedtoseewhatwouldhappenifIscannedmy face.
  • 8. 8.Turnsoutthereisanameforthis.ItscalledScanography,orScanArt...whichmygoodfriendMelissacoinedasScart.Soon afterIscannedmyface,Iwasaskedtopresentonatopicofmychoosingforwork.SoIdecidedtoinvestigatethismediumalittle further.Herearejustsomerandomstilllifes(fortherecordtheeggwascrackedontoatransparency).
  • 9. 9. HomagetoSwingline.Yes,Ihavethenotoriousstaplerfromthecultclassic,OfficeSpace(itactuallycameinsideauseddeskI bought).Usingmotion,Icreatedsomeinterestingeffects.
  • 10. 10.Likemostgirls,Iabsolutelylovejewelry.Thecolors,andshapesandintricaciesarefascinatingtome.Thesearesomeofmy favoriteearringsandrings.Theimagetothefarleftistheoriginalscan.Thetwoontherightarepatternedrepeatsoftheoriginal.
  • 11. vs. Time Spent Sleeping Working Socializing Crying Being called Drinking Sharpening Pencils a Motherfucker 11.ThisnextcasestudyisaboutmygoodfriendMadeleine.SheandIwereinTeachforAmericatogether.Andoneofthemost shockingthingsaboutmy2yearsofteachingwasthedisparitybetweenthelifestylesofaregular22yearold(showninblue),and aTFA22yearold(showningreen).
  • 12. + + Typical Friday Night 12.Tofurtherillustratethisdisparity;hereisasimplestoryaboutMadeleine.OnedayIcamehomefromworkat4pminthe afternoontofindherpassedoutonthecouchwith6emptyMillerlights,andMrs.Doubtfireplayingonthetv.Imeanthatisjust sad...sheshouldbeoutscrewingguysanddoingkegstands...ButthiswasjustatypicalFridayforanewteacher.
  • 13. 13.Later,afterIwasdonewithmytwoyeartermteaching,IwasaskedtohostsomenewTFAteachersatmyhouse.Irackedmy brainforwhatIcouldimpartonthembecauseitsurewasntclassroommanagementskills.SoIthoughtaboutwhatitwasI wantedmostwhileIwasteaching:asociallife.ThisismyguidefornewteachersinCharlotte.
  • 14. 14.IcallitOneEightOh!aplayonthenumberofdaysinyoufirstyearofteaching(180).Thiscollectionofillustrations encompassesseveralrookieteachingmistakes:improperuseoftheScantronmachine,monopolizingthecopymachinerightbefore class,gettingburiedinpapergrading,eatingcafeteriafood,andmakingbadhealthdecisions.
  • 15. 15.Onthereverseofeachillustrationareremediesforthosedisastersintheformoflocalentertainment,shopping,restaurants, events,andactivities.Thisprojectisasmalltokenofmyappreciationforthoseteachersgoingintothetrenchesforpublic education.Becauseeveryoneneedstohavealittlefun,eventeachers.
  • 16. vs. 10.0 7.5 5.0 2.5 0 Attention Span Hyper Activity Intelligence Extrovertedness Saliva-Talking Imagination Plays Well w/ Others 16.MyfinalcasestudyisaboutoneofmysoccerpupilsnamedTrip.Hereisacomparisonchartthatlooksatthedifferences betweenTrip(inOrange)andtheothermembersofour6andundersoccerteamtheTigerSharks(inGray).AsyoucanseeTrip hasashorterattentionspananddoesntplaywellwithothers.But,heisalsomoreintelligentwithamuchgreaterimagination.
  • 17. + = 17.Forinstance,onourfirstdayofpractice,Iwasjustgoingoverthebasicsandstartedwithasimpledrill.BeforeIcouldevensay aword,Triphadgrabbedasoccerballandacone,putoneontopoftheother,andcalleditICECREAM!SoonIhadeight6year oldsrunningaroundthefieldbreakingthecardinalruleofsoccer:Donttouchthefuckingball!Needlesstosaywehadtheworst recordintheleague,butthemostentertaininggamestowatch.
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