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  • Pedagogical Content KnowledgeThe Secret Knowledge of Great Teachers

  • What does a teacher need to know to make good classroom decisions?Knowledge of ContentPedagogical Content Knowledge [PCK]General Pedagogical KnowledgeKnowledge of Learners and Learning

  • Knowledge of ContentWhat teachers know about the subjects they teachElementary teachers need to know about mathematics, science, English, history/social studies ( and it doesnt hurt to know some computer technology, fine arts, and health/physical education.) Secondary teachers obvioulsy need to know their discipline (& technology, etc.)

  • General Pedagogical KnowledgeWhat teachers know about general principles of instruction and classroom managementElementary and secondary teachers need to know about Essential Teaching Skills: Attitudes; Organization; Communication; Focus; Feedback; Questioning; and Review & Closure [Chapter 13: pages 399-406.]

  • Knowledge of Learners and LearningWhat teachers know about learners capabilities and about effective ways to promote their learningElementary and secondary teachers need to know about the intellectual, personal, social, and emotional development of their students.psychological explanations for students learning and techniques to enhance that learning.

  • Pedagogical Content Knowledge [PCK]What teachers know that allows them to make a specific subject comprehensible to students.Teachers need to KNOW A LOT!They need to know and understand the K-12 curricular content areas and how to teach student objectives in these areas effectively.

  • Recipe for PCK

    First, take your content knowledge {What I know about the subject matter.}Next, take your pedagogy knowledge {What I know about teaching and instructional strategies.}Finally, stir imaginatively and combine creatively

  • William R. Veal and James G. MaKinster have written extensively about PCK especially in the area of science. Pedagogical Content Knowledge [PCK] in science.

  • PCK for unit on Water, Weather & Air

  • So can you tell the difference between these characteristics of expert teaching?

    Lets try a case study

  • What about a different way to assess your understanding of these types of knowledge?

    Lets try a multiple choice experience.

  • And the moral of this story So the challenge is to learn about your content, your learners, and key principles of teaching & learning.Now put all that understanding together into effective pedagogical content knowledge for each of your instructional objectives. {A Teachers PCK may also be called tricks of the trade, rules of thumb, teaching tips, veteran teachers advice, practical wisdom, practitioners tacit knowledge, or experts heuristics.}Read, Watch, Ask & Learn!!! }



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