Pendulous reciprocating steam engine

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  • Proceedings of the ~ranklin Institute. "11

    i~g, and ~all upon the grating, which has an oscillating motion, which serves to project the coal into a wagon or vehicle, whilst the water escapes through the grating.

    Two men ~'ould b-e sufficient to work a cistern of about 40 ins. high and 40 inches in diameter, and capable of washing about 20 metrical tons in the day with a force of one horse. A cistern of about 9 feet 10 ins. in diameter and depth would wash 200 tons in the day, and would re= quire a force of 10 horses to work it. The smaller machine would cost about 80, and the larger about 400.--BuUelin de la Soci~l~ Indu~tri. ,'th', de .MaYwuse,'. No. 123, p. 292.

    Pendulous Reciprocating Steam Engine.* A novel and cheap steam engine has lately been invented under the

    above title. It is "an eccentric revolving on its own diameter," in a "cylin-


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