penguin recreation ground master .penguin recreation ground penguin recreation ground master plan

Penguin Recreation Ground Master .Penguin Recreation Ground Penguin Recreation Ground Master Plan
Penguin Recreation Ground Master .Penguin Recreation Ground Penguin Recreation Ground Master Plan
Penguin Recreation Ground Master .Penguin Recreation Ground Penguin Recreation Ground Master Plan
Penguin Recreation Ground Master .Penguin Recreation Ground Penguin Recreation Ground Master Plan
Download Penguin Recreation Ground Master .Penguin Recreation Ground Penguin Recreation Ground Master Plan

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Penguin Recreation Ground Master PlanProject Information

Creating a vision for the Penguin Recreation Ground The Penguin Recreation Ground is currently home to Penguin Football and Cricket Clubs, however, these groups are being relocated to the Dial Regional Sports Complex once construction is completed. The Council is now considering what is the best use for the site and is embarking on a range of comprehensive community engagement activities in order to determine the most appropriate use for the site and prepare a Master Plan to guide future development.

Some preliminary consultation commenced in August 2015 and included forums and a postcard campaign which sought information from the local community on what they thought would be the best use for the Penguin Recreation Ground. The next ve months will feature a range of opportunities for the community to build on this previous work and contribute to the development of the Master Plan.

Community participation in this Master Planning process is vital and Council is keen to see strong participation by the community in developing the future vision and use of the Penguin Recreation Ground.

Guiding Principles for the Project:

Promote Penguins appeal for liveability - a destination of lifestyle choice

Maintain Penguins coastal village character

Enhances tourism opportunities and promotes economic prosperity

Enables the sense of community to prosper

Preserve the sensitive and signicant environmental values

Ensuring the interests of future generations

Want to get involved in the Penguin Recreation Ground Master Plan project?

Heres how:

Join a Rapid Appraisal Guided Tour on 19 August from 4.00pm - it is a 50 minute walking tour through the main street of Penguin and around to the Penguin Recreation Ground. Walk starts from the Penguin Railway Station. You will receive detailed information about the project and learn more about the master planning process.

Come along to the Family Fun Day on Sunday 11 September from 10.00 until 2.00pm. View the draft concepts and learn about the ideas behind each of them.

Feedback Form - share your views on each of the options presented. Opens 11 September and closes 30 September (3 weeks).

Static displays - View materials about the draft concepts at the Penguin Service Centre, Main Street Penguin and at the Ulverstone Administration Centre, King Edward Street, Ulverstone.

Round 1: Draft concepts to be considered for the draft Master Plan. A number of options will be developed.

Round 2: Draft Master Plan showing site layout and supportive photographs and other drawings as impressions for how the site might be used.

Round 3: Final Master Plan once endorsed by the Council.

Dedicated web page go to the Councils website: and look for Penguin Recreation Ground in the Fast Find list on the Home page.

Project Email to have your queries answered or an option to share your views, you can direct these to the project email:

E-Contact Register if you are interested in being kept informed about the Penguin Recreation Ground Master Plan project then email us on and we will keep you on the Contact Database.

Draft Master Plan developed

Analysis of feedback used to inform rst draft Master Plan Draft Master Plan presented to Council for consideration - 24 October Public consultation on draft Master Plan commences Static displays and Feedback Forms






Commencement of master planning project

Webpage Media release/Paid advertisement Flyers and Fact Sheets Recruitment of Advisory Group - Think Tank Team

Early Concepts Displayed for community feedback

Static displays at Penguin Service Centre Family Fun Day - Hiscutt Park Sunday 11 September 2016 Feedback period continues until 30 September

Early Concepts Are Developed

Community Rapid Appraisal Walking Tours - 19 August 2016 Think Tank Team commences Briengs and interviews

Preparation of Final Master Plan

Analysis of feedback considered for nalisation of Master Plan Presentation to Council for nal approval Media Release to advise outcome Static Display

What is the timing for the completion of the Master Plan?

The Penguin Recreation Ground Master Plan will be completed by the end of 2016. The following illustration sets out the key phases and relevant timeframes for the project.

Have questions or need more information about the master planning project?

Contact: Greg Osborne, Councils Assets and Facilities Group Leader on 03 6429 8976 Michelle Feenan, Director Engagement Plus on 0400 188373



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