Period 7 - Alexander Chiem- Global Warming has to be prevented

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<ul><li> 1. Global Warming <br />A presentation by: <br />Alexander Chiem<br />Northeast High School<br />SLC Magnet Program<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Global Warming had been a major problem that has surfaced earth for as many years humans have roamed the earth.<br />Global warming is when the earth heats up. The cause of this would be when green house gases are trapped under the earths atmosphere causing a change in weather.(Mahwah)<br />Introduction<br /> 3. Global warming has slowly been changing the face of earth for a long time. If there isnt any change in the next decade people would go through pain and suffering not knowing the cause. <br />People can put an end to global warming by knowing the causes of global warming and knowing how to prevent it.<br />Thesis Statement<br /> 4. Carbon Dioxide from fossil fuel burning<br />Methane emission from animals<br />Deforestation of cropland<br />Gasoline use from transportation<br />Causes<br /> 5. Coal burning power plants has released about 40% of CO2 into the atmosphere.(Markham)<br />Everyday more and more use of burning coal has caused been distributed throughout the country for peoples personal use. (Markham)<br />Causes: Carbon Dioxide from fossil fuel burning<br /> 6. Forests has the ability to maintain carbon dioxide. Deforestation causes extreme amounts of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere. (Markham) <br />Causes: Deforestation<br />Source: SuperbEntertainer<br /> 7. Recycle<br />Car pooling<br />Cheap efficient light bulbs<br />Preventions of global warming<br />Source: End of Global Destruction<br /> 8. Using products that could of recycled for later use<br />Products that can be recycled would be paper, plastic, glass, newspapers and aluminum cans.(West)<br />Prevention: Recycle<br /> 9. Replacing regular light bulbs with compact florescent light bulbs can help you save money and help the world.(West)<br />Eliminate 90 billion greenhouse gases. (West)<br />Prevention: Switch light bulbs<br /> 10. Global warming has been researched for a long time and its finally time to put an end to it. <br />Without knowing the causes many people will never change their habits on repairing mother nature the way they are living now.<br />I have learned many ways to help keep people aware of the hazards of global warming<br />Final Thoughts<br /> 11. Maslin, Mark. Global Warming. Minneapolis: MBI publishing company LLC, 2007. 29- 38. Print. <br /><br />Oak, Manali. "Global Warming and Deforestation." Intelligent Life. Buzzle, 2008. Web. - 19 Dec 2010. .<br /><br />Shah, Anup. "Climate Change and Global Warming Introduction." Global Issues. N.p., - 05 Dec 2010. Web. 20 Dec 2010. .<br /><br />Spence, Chris. Global Warming: Personal solutions for a better world. 1st. Newyork:Palgrave Mcmillan division of St Martins Press, LLC, 2005. 125-142. Print. <br /><br />West, Larry. ""About. New York Times, 2005. Web. 19 Dec 2010. .<br /><br />Works Cited<br /></p>