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  • 1. Global Warming
    A presentation by:
    Alexander Chiem
    Northeast High School
    SLC Magnet Program

2. Global Warming had been a major problem that has surfaced earth for as many years humans have roamed the earth.
Global warming is when the earth heats up. The cause of this would be when green house gases are trapped under the earths atmosphere causing a change in weather.(Mahwah)
3. Global warming has slowly been changing the face of earth for a long time. If there isnt any change in the next decade people would go through pain and suffering not knowing the cause.
People can put an end to global warming by knowing the causes of global warming and knowing how to prevent it.
Thesis Statement
4. Carbon Dioxide from fossil fuel burning
Methane emission from animals
Deforestation of cropland
Gasoline use from transportation
5. Coal burning power plants has released about 40% of CO2 into the atmosphere.(Markham)
Everyday more and more use of burning coal has caused been distributed throughout the country for peoples personal use. (Markham)
Causes: Carbon Dioxide from fossil fuel burning
6. Forests has the ability to maintain carbon dioxide. Deforestation causes extreme amounts of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere. (Markham)
Causes: Deforestation
Source: SuperbEntertainer
7. Recycle
Car pooling
Cheap efficient light bulbs
Preventions of global warming
Source: End of Global Destruction
8. Using products that could of recycled for later use
Products that can be recycled would be paper, plastic, glass, newspapers and aluminum cans.(West)
Prevention: Recycle
9. Replacing regular light bulbs with compact florescent light bulbs can help you save money and help the world.(West)
Eliminate 90 billion greenhouse gases. (West)
Prevention: Switch light bulbs
10. Global warming has been researched for a long time and its finally time to put an end to it.
Without knowing the causes many people will never change their habits on repairing mother nature the way they are living now.
I have learned many ways to help keep people aware of the hazards of global warming
Final Thoughts
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