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  • 1. Things I Learned TheHard Way The business adventures of a freelancer Ine Dehandschutter@matuvu 2012Monday 4 June 12

2. @matuvuHi, Im Ine,a (web)designer & photographer, currently based in Ghent, Belgium. (Im also lead designer of have been a freelancer since 2000. And I made loooooads of mistakes during the years.You dont have to! Enjoy this presentation. If you do, dont hesitate to like& share it,Monday 4 June 12 3. @matuvu Have A Dream To Die Forbecause you will. suffer. cry. blood. tears. die. over and over again.Monday 4 June 12 4. @matuvuOutline Your Plan use S.M.A.R.T principle: specific.measurable.achievable.relevant.time framed.Monday 4 June 12 5. @matuvuDefine Your Wagebecause if you dont earn, you have no bread on your table. (define what you need by calculating all your costs)not earning enough? reconsider your business plan!Monday 4 June 12 6. @matuvu Get A Good Accountanta good accountant can save you a lot of money, but most of all a good accountant thinks along with you!Monday 4 June 12 7. @matuvu Dont Sell Cheap never. ever. work for free.unless it is for your mom.Monday 4 June 12 8. @matuvu Find Real Clients when you can, ditch the friends, family and fools. theyre perfect for starters, but bad for pros.Monday 4 June 12 9. @matuvu Teach Those Clients learn from the 20% 80% rule:20% stand for 80% of your trouble. keep the good clients, ditch the others.Monday 4 June 12 10. @matuvu Charge Fast and follow up your cash flow. dont play bank to your clients. no money on the bank = no bread on the table.Monday 4 June 12 11. @matuvuNetwork it is the best way to find exiting new clients.or to find new partners. or to do fun stuff.Monday 4 June 12 12. @matuvu Surround Yourselfthe best way to loose your uncertainties is to talk to colleagues.unite with others. (consider co-working, join certain business groups, ...)Monday 4 June 12 13. @matuvu Measure, Evaluatemeasure everything you do. your time, your projects. your profits. learn from your mistakes. and do it better.Monday 4 June 12 14. @matuvu NO Learn To Say NOtry it: will earn you more. if not in money, in quality.Monday 4 June 12 15. @matuvu Save For Laterdont spend to save taxes. if you pay taxes you keep 50%. if you spend you keep nothing.Monday 4 June 12 16. @matuvuLive The Now make time for your personal lifelater = nowit is gone before you know.Monday 4 June 12 17. @matuvu Most Of All Be Flexible be prepared to fail, to change, to adapt. sometimes stuff works, sometimes not.Monday 4 June 12 18. @matuvuIt Is A Bumpy But Adventurous RideMonday 4 June 12 19. Thank YouIne Dehandschutter (web)designer & photographer & 4 June 12