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How to leverage the power of search and social communications in order to present a consistent online presence. Presented at University College Falmouth 11th March 2010 Author: Pete Geall


  • 1.Online Reputation Management:Personal Branding
    Pete Geall
    Graduate Project Manager-ECIF

2. Personal branding is the process whereby
people and their careers are
marketed as brands
(Lair et al: 2005)
But why is it so important?
3. 4. Employer = Customer
Hiring is a purchase
Employers want to make sure they are making the right decision
What do you do before buying?
5. 64% of HR managers think it is appropriate to look at online profiles of candidates for work.
41% have rejected people as a result.
(source: computer weekly 28/01/10)
6. Death of the CV?
7. Stages of Purchase
Would you buy from a company that didnt exist on Google?
8. It Should Look Like This:
9. Recommendations
1) Dont spread yourself thin.
- Concentrate on the main networks
- Check privacy settings
- Reserve your URL(s) -
- Join a professional network
10. Professional Networks

  • LinkedIn shows you are connected professionally

11. Recommendations = Live referrals