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Created in January 2008 to facilitate conversation at a session for the ECIS ' ISTE IT Leadership conference in Prague.


<ul><li>1.Julie Lindsay Qatar Academy [email_address] Prepared for ECIS/ISTE IT Leadership Conference Prague, January 2008 </li></ul> <p>2. </p> <ul><li>An extended community of people that you can interact with regularly </li></ul> <p>A personally chosen collection of resources you can go to when you want to learn something Photo credit: 3. </p> <ul><li>Foster conversation and social learning through connectivity and interactivity </li></ul> <p>Ongoing professional developmentMake important professional connections globally 4. </p> <ul><li>Encourages a global perspective </li></ul> <p>Acts as a lifeline for quick fixes Caveat: A network is only as valuable and useful as what participants contribute Photo credit:;size=m Gets educators sharing, communicating and collaborating 5. BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG Reflecting Sharing Connecting Collaborating Posting Commenting 6. Micro-Blogging Microbogging with 140 characters at a time 7. </p> <ul><li>NING </li></ul> <p>8. </p> <ul><li> </li></ul> <p>Google reader 9. </p> <ul><li>Foster a PLN amongst teachers at your school using Web 2.0 tools </li></ul> <p>Bring in the global extended communityand provide opportunities for all participants Example: global conversations amongst international schools Shift Our SchoolsPodcast by Jeff Utecht and David carpenter 10. </p> <ul><li>My Delicious tag for PLN: </li></ul> <ul><li> </li></ul> <p>Powerful Learning Practices Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson supporting learning communities E-Learning 4 Life Ning Flat Classroom Project Ning Shift our Schools: SOS Podcast </p>