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<ul><li>1.Personal Learning Networksand Personal Learning Environments</li></ul> <p>2. Design your personal LearningNetwork (PLN) 3. Which tools do you use to cultivateyour PLN? 4. PLE as subset of PLNJoyce Seitzingeraka @catspyjamasnz 5. ContributeCommunicateConnectCurate 6. 7. Paulo Simes aka@pgsimoesTwitter - the Heart of a#PLEandmaybe also of a PLN? 8. personal voicepassionate viewsSharing of practice &amp; expertiseconnecting yourself to the network 9. What on earth should I tweet about? 10. ShareCreateCommunicateCurateConnect 11. Follow me 12. Not an eggface!Edit yourprofile 13. Find and follow people with similarinterests#edtech 14. Post a messageShare a resource/linkAsk a questionuse #taccle2 15. Reply to someones tweetUse @someone 16. Share the goodsRe-tweet itUse RT @someone + tweet </p>