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My simple personal reflection and purpose statement presentation for my first University of Phoenix PHL/700R residency.


  • 1. PersonalReflectionand PurposeStatementAlexandria VelezUniversity of Phoenix

2. Personal Reflection andPurpose StatementDegree & Purpose Doctor ofManagement inOrganizationalLeadership with aconcentration inInformation Systemsand Technology End result: Tobecome a professorin IT 3. Leading FactorsPursuing the Degree Whendid I realize Ineeded a careerchange? Teaching as apossibility? What have I donewith my life so far? 4. Leading FactorsAcademic Influences ProfessionalScholarly 5. Leading FactorsAcademic InfluencescontinuesProfessional BooksKevin MitnickFor Dummies series 6. Preparing for the FutureStudy implications Theories and scenarios in the workplace 7. Preparing for the FutureProfessional andpersonal contexts 14+years in the web development industry 8. Preparing for the FutureIdentity 17+ years in thetechnology field Since childhood, Ihave beeninvolved withtechnology. 9. The degree programAspirations, refinements,and scholarship Learn advanced theories Obtain a doctoral degree Teach as a professor 10. The degree programMission statement Communicating with the doctoral faculty to learn and understand more about how to be a professor 11. Personal Reflection andPurpose StatementLife beyond the program Learn advanced theories and techniques Understand more about leadership andresearch Obtain a doctoral degree Become a professor Continue the learning journey 12. Personal Reflection and Purpose StatementThank you! Questions? Comments?


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