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  • autobots Personalised Eco Mobility for Urban Areas

  • PM @ Masdar City, AbuDhabi August 17, 2015

    MoRTH for Metrino PRT July 03, 2015


    contract for Amritsar for Ultra System in

    2011- Consultancy for PRT in Delhi,

    Trivandrum, Mumbai etc in process.

    Amritsar India Bid Process, 2011

  • AutoBOTS Cheapest Cost Advantage @ ~25 Cr / Km Bi-directional System @3600 pphpd throughput

  • Advantage of PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) Vs other Mobility Systems?

    • Life Cycle Cost & Energy efficiency of PRT systems is Equivalent to Metro System with Best Last mile connectivity

    • Lowest carbon footprint for moving a commuter in cities compared to any other mobility solution

    • Elevated System - no additional right-of-way required. • GOI fuel / energy import bill savings • Mitigate city pollution by offering commuters automobile

    like features – availability, comfort, last mile access • Release space on the road right-of-way for use by Bus

    based public transport, cycles, pedestrians – largely used by the bottom of the pyramid population.

  • Lifecycle Sustainability Limited Capital Limited Energy

  • National Transport Development Policy Committee 2014

    • Urban transport assessments and projections - without considering the future realm of technologies

    • Proposes taxes on growing YOY number of vehicles as means of financing future sustainable transport - logically fallacious reasoning NO reduction in congestion o ~1.5X the number of current vehicles on city roads with fixed

    road right-of-way by 2035 o ~3.5X the number of current vehicles being parked in the city

    by 2035

  • BeijingDelhiKorea

    Sao PauloParis London


    Global Problem Urban Mobility Demand is

    Outstripping Supply…!

    New York

  • Lifecycle Analysis of Urban Modes – NTDPC Policy 2014

  • Problem Breakdown Solution Logic & Value Offering….

  • Problem Breakdown

    ~ 80 Kg human load from Point A to Point B?

    Urban Group Size ~1.1 persons

    By 2035 > 50% Population in Urban Area

    No more ROW to expand

    Limited Energy

  • How About giving it a makeover?

    When the e-bike can take you as far as a car at an acceptable speed and extremely low cost to energy…

  • Add a shelter for weather protection

  • Run them on an elevated track

    No Room to expand on master plan defined ROW

  • Non-stop from Origin to Destination

    Using Station Bypasses

  • Along existing road network

  • Routed to Destination Automatically

    Like an Email packet! Using complex computer controlled algorithms and location sensors.

  • With ~50m headway


    @ 45kmph

  • Giving the same capacity as 3 lanes of cars @ 10kmph with a 5m headway in City Traffic

  • With Solar Panels along the track – 0.8 m wide

    Energy needed from the Grid can be reduced by ~57% - for a Full Air Conditioned Operation  Energy Cost for moving 1 passenger 1 Km therefore reduces to ~80% of the e-cycle itself.

  • All these features combine to give us a travel option which is

    Personal Non-stop Last Mile Accessible Safe Comfortable Low energy

  • AutoBOTS Cheapest Cost Advantage @ ~25 Cr / Km Bi-directional System @3600 pphpd throughput

  • Why India should actively promote indigenous PRT system development

    autobots is 50% cost of any PRT for similar throughput

  • 201120102005

    Commercially Available Systems

    4-6 Seat Systems UK Netherland Korea

    ~ 100 cr Bidirectional System

  • Terminal T5 Heathrow Airport London Ultra

    ~19 vehicles

  • 2getthere PRT System

    Masdar Eco City


    ~1000 vehicles

  • VectusSuncheon Bay Park

  • Global Competition 4-6 Seat Systems Poland Sweden USA USA

  • Global Competition 2-3 Seat Systems USA Finland India USA

  • Global Competition 2-8 Seat Systems China Others @ Different Stages

  • Why India / Govt. should promote Indigenous PRT System?

    • Indian Promotors, Indian Company • Switch Design - Critical System Subcomponent

    Applied for Patent  Indian IP • Design & Specs by Indian Company  TRL4 ready for TDS • No New R&D Risk  Only assembly of components and system


    • No Competing Indigenous Effort as yet • Fully ‘Made in India’ System  competition to Foreign vendors • India biggest potential consumer  Save foreign exchange. • Global Export Potential  Boost Export

  • Boost to Indigenous Industries – Manufacturing & Services

    • Information Technology • Special Purpose Machines - Motors, Sensors, Controllers • Electrical Power Management, Power Invertors &

    Convertors – AC / DC • Electronic Components • Steel Fabrication & Manufacturing • Solar Power Plants

  • What has been Realised….

  • Next Step Requirements: TRL 4-7 • Funds for Technology Demonstration Programme

    @ NIT Delhi Campus

    o 16 Crores for 2 Stages of Technology Demonstration

    o 34 Crores for Full Demonstration System

    • Participation of Government Observers – MoRTH, MoUD & Relevant Stakeholders

  • Investor Value Proposition

    • Cost of Readiness to TRL 7 ~ 10 M USD

    • ~ 1 / 3 of Cost of Readiness of Competitor at 2005 Values

    • Competitor Valued at 60 M USD in 2005 at TRL 7

    • ~ 1/10 Investment required vis-à-vis contemporaries.

    • Uber – On demand Taxi Service valued at + 10 Bil USD

    in 2014

  • Team….

  • Industry Co-Development Collaborators

    • EV Company from Denmark

    • Mechatronix Company India

    • Solar Power Integrator Company India

    • Automated Parking System Company India

    Institutional Collaborators

    • NIT Delhi @ Narela – Incubation & TDS

    • Transport Planning, SPA – Policy Advocacy

    • T&T, CRRI Delhi – Station Design Validations

     Willing to work through TCOE for ICT Sub - Components

  • Thank you. +91 9810070013


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