personalising windows 7

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Here I show how to personalise most parts of the Windows 7 OS


  • 1. Personalising Desktop BY GEORGE SMITH-MOORE
  • 2. Changing the wallpaper Mr Earl Atkinson is in a business environment. He needs his computer to reflect this. So we had to change his desktop background to reflect this.
  • 3. Changing the screen resolution. Mr Earl Atkinson has a monitor of different size to ours, he may benefit from a different screen resolution.
  • 4. Changing the screensaver A screensaver is used to stop screen burnout. It prolongs the life of the monitor. Mr Earl Atkinson could use this to avoid extra costs of new monitors.
  • 5. Icon Size. Mr Earl Atkinson is using the computer for work, himself or one of his employees may have a hard time seeing. Making the icons larger would help that person. To just make the icons larger and not the task bar (etc.) follow the picture to the right.
  • 6. Changing the mouse to left-handed. Earl or one of his employees may benefit from using the mouse left-handed. Type mouse into the control panel, and click mouse settings.