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The pest control specialists our products are environment friendly non toxic non chemicals


  • 1.
    Albarakat Trading Group For
    Pest Control and Fumigation Services
  • 2. Bio Mosquito Traps with Tio2 . 30 ( ) , 3 .
  • 3. ( Bio Fly Trap ( press here to see video

    We are introducing our new flying insects bio trap witch is 100% Non toxic non chemicals trap they are safe around human and animals as well as environment friendly the trap comes with natural bait enough for 4 times use the bait should be changed every 10days and
    use fresh one.
  • 4. Giant Rat Traps
    Giant Rat Traps

    The state of the art new design of rat traps we are offering them in many different sizes and colors we have the dual entrances traps that can trap up to 2 big rats at the same time.
    The stainless steel single entrance traps and the gulvanized steal single entrance trap and the colored traps all traps are rust proof and heavy duty long lasting
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  • 5.
    Our new heavy duty stray Animals Cages and traps they are made of galvanized steel rust proof strong and long lasting material ideal to catch Foxes-Hyenas Wiled Stray Dogs and more,,,,,

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  • 6. Mosquito Larvae and adults Repeller
  • 7. Albarakat For Pest Control
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    Mosquito Barrier kills and chases mosquitos, ticks and fleas out of your yard and away from your house immediately upon spraying and keeps them out for up to 2 to 3 weeks and longer. (In the beginning spraying once a week is necessary to reduce the larvae concentrations).
    Odourdisappears in about 30 minutes.
    Mosquito Barrier is a very strong Liquid Garlic that is diluted in water and sprayed on grass, shrubs, flowers and into any trees in the area. One gallon covers 2 hectares (or, covers 1 acre 5 times) and is all natural with no harmful chemicals or poisons. Safe for children, pets and plants
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    Albarakat Mosquito larvae and eggs collector
    The introduction of mosquito egg collector
    working principle:
    This product is composed by a pail , upper cover with isolated
    net ,low pail with putting water space inside. When add water
    and lure mosquitoes material to imitate a surroundings
    where the female mosquitoes like, to attract the female
    mosquitoes spawn into the ovitrap ,and the eggs will sink down
    to the bottom ,after hatching mosquitoes can not fly out and
    will die by the isolated net. It both can catch the mosquito from
    the very beginning and detect the density of the mosquito as to
    control some popular diseases
    Products specification:
    Effective area: 20 m2
    Size: 110*180mm
    Gross weight: 0.2kg
    Net weight : 0.2kg
    The scope of usage : It is used widely for municipal engineering, landed estate
    company, residential community, and Disease Control Center
    etc. Now, this product is widely used in Europe, American,
    Singapore, and Hong Kong.
    This Unique devise is the best for Municipal Disease Control and
    very efficient and effective.
    Prices 110 Saudi Riyals Per Trap.
  • 9. Coackraoch Bio Trap
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