peter and the terrible three

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My project for Visual Communication Class in Fall 2011 at the University of Central Florida.The project was an open interpretation assignment to where we could pick our own project to visually communicate an idea. I pitched this project idea back in September, I came up with the idea to do a children's book project as a last minute resort as the project pitch due date was creeping up. I considered a promotional campaign for Chris Big Money, getting tattoos (we just had guest speakers about tattooing in a recent class.), or doing a music video. I am one of those kinds of people who likes to think a little outside the box at times, hence I came up with the idea to do a children's book, which was a consideration after realizing that I don't really have the hand-drawing capabilities needed for a good comic book. Also with a children's project I can get away with being as left-field and visually experimental as I would like, children are primarily visual learners as they are developing their auditory and memory skills. Visuals are the first thing someone remembers when recalling information.Much research went into the book itself. I checked out a small stack of children's book from the Cirriculum Material Center at the University of Central Florida. I read classic kids literature like "Where The Wild Things Are", "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", "The Very Mixed Up Chameleon" "Curious George Goes Camping", and "Green Eggs And Ham" just for starters. I found other videos of narrated story books here on YouTube which gave me the idea to create this dramatized video for "Peter And The Terrible Three." The visual techniques used in the book are inspired by Eric Carle, the story telling is reminiscent of Maurice Sendak and Dr. Suess. I also primed myself and making the book into a story with memorable characters, a conflict, a climax and resolution, a lot of time went into the writing of the story itself. "Peter And The Terrible Three" is a light-hearted coming of age story about a boy who doesn't fit in with the right crowd of people. Peter encounters many characters along the way and learns about himself in a dark time in his young adolescent life. In the story, I am using the pen name of "Tiny Schillings", but still crediting the audio/visual work to myself as Chris Big Money. I do not use my birth name on any of my artistic projects. I wanna give a special thanks to anyone who supported my work before, and to those who have been following my posts on Twitter and Facebook about this project. As part of the project I was required to keep a blog of the project's development which I have done so here.http://cbmucfviscomm.wordpress.comPlease excuse the audio recording. I need to get a better audio interface set up, I do not record vocals very often.Special thanks goes to Quartz Relic and Magitek for allowing me to use their song "Dynamite Kid" in this video project


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