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PETME Your only guide for animals By Abitha Aravind

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These are power point slides consisting of various elements, approximately necessary when launching a pet magazine. Numbers are round figures and not approximate.


Page 1: PETme Magazine Launch


Your only guide for animals

By Abitha Aravind

Page 2: PETme Magazine Launch


PETme is a niche magazine that broadly covers the pet industry in India.

PETme will focus on animals that are and can be considered as pets.

PETme will be a magazine that would guide people who own and love pets.

The content of the magazine will be informative and easy to read.

PETme is a quarterly issue.

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•Rise in nuclear families and double household income has encouraged the growth of pet ownership in urban areas of India.

• People who own pets as well as people who are passionate about owning them would read my magazine.

•The magazine could also be read for sheer entertainment.

•The readership segment of this magazine is focused.

•Competition is low.

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PETme will target people with high disposable income

Middle class Veterinarians

Page 5: PETme Magazine Launch

SECTIONS Readers opinion Pet Stories Health Food Fashion Cover story Stars with pets Breeds

PETme will be a 40 page magazine.

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•Advertise in newspapers and general interest magazines.

• Advertise using digital media.

• Tie ups with pet care centers.

•Advertise on hoardings and transit media.

• Promote the magazine in the India International Pet Trade Fair.

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Tap Metro cities: Mumbai Delhi Kolkata Bangalore Hyderabad

Page 8: PETme Magazine Launch

Printing cost of the magazine is Rs. 44 Distribution costs to subscribers would be more.

than that available on news stands. 50,000 copies for distribution. 10,000 copies would be distributed to each city. Courier costs per copy- Rs. 15

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The magazine would be circulated in: Book stores Pet shops Pet salons Pet care centers News stands Vet hospitals

Page 10: PETme Magazine Launch


The magazine will be priced at Rs. 70 per issue.

Yearly subscriptions get 15 % off.

The special anniversary issue would cost Rs. 100

Page 11: PETme Magazine Launch


PETme would have a workforce of 4 writers and 2 designers.

It will also have freelance writers. Total expenditure on salaries would be 5 lakhs. Cover shoots expenditure would be 1.5 lakhs.

Page 12: PETme Magazine Launch


PETme will have 3 full page ads which will cost 80,000 each.

In the future the ad rates would increase to 1- 2 lakhs.

PETme will also have advertorials.

Page 13: PETme Magazine Launch


The company plans to reach the break even point in 2 years span.

The goal is to decrease expenditure and increase revenue.

Ad rates would increase as per circulation. Initial stages the area of circulation is

restricted to Mumbai city. From the progress of the publication the

circulation would expand to other metros.

Page 14: PETme Magazine Launch

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