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  • Residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection PFI


    deviceisacombinationofresidualcurrentcircuitbreakerandcircuitbreakerforratedcurrent6,10,13,16,20,25,32,40Atheyareusedinhouseandsimilarinstallationsprotectionagainst: -additionalprotectionintheevendirectcontact - indirect contact - fire - overcurrents -shortcircuit(breakingcapacity10kA)rangeofratedresidualoperatingcurrentInis10,30,100,300,500mA(In=10mAfordeviceswithratedcurrentupto25Aincluding)trippingcharacteristicsB,CaccordingSTNEN61009-1simpleassemblywithspringclampstothestrip35x7,5EN60715sealableinonandoffpositionopticalstateindicatoronthefrontsideindicatingoperationstateofdevice(greentargetvisibleclosedcontacts, redtargetvisibleopenedcontacts)


    workingpositionoptionalthereisapossibilitytouseauxiliarycontacts TypeK-specialversionwithdelayedtrippingmin.10ms

    Dimensional drawing

    PFI 2 PFI 4PFI 3

    PFI 2



    PFI 3



    Connecting schemes

    PFI 4




    3 5 N

    4 6 N

    Residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection PFI

    44 5,560



  • A32

    PFI 2 PFI 3 PFI 4No of poles 2 2 4No of modules 2 3 4Tripping characteristics B, CRated current In A 6,10,13,16, 25,32,40Rated residual current In A 0,01-0,5 up to 25 A 0,03-0,5 from 25 A 0,03; 0,1 ; 0,3; 0,5Rated voltage Un V 230 230 400Rated frequency Hz 50Rated short circuit capacity Icn A 10 000Selection class 3Residual operating current typeAACandpulsatingDCcurrentElectrical endurance 4000Mechanical endurance 10000Degree of protection IP20, IP40 frontMounting position optionalAmbient temperature C -25 up to +40Connecting clamps Headed/stirruptedTerminal capacity mm2 1-25Accessories Auxiliary contacts, shunt trips VC

    Technical data

    Tripping characteristics

    Tripping characteristics

    Residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection PFI






    1 2 5

    t (s)



  • Residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection PFI


    Ord.code Type0090900 PFI4 B6/0,03 0090901 PFI4 B10/0,03 0090902 PFI4 B13/0,03 0090903 PFI4 B16/0,03 0090904 PFI4 B20/0,03 0090905 PFI4 B25/0,03 0090906 PFI4 B32/0,03 0090907 PFI4 B40/0,03

    Ord.code Type0090920 PFI4 C6/0,030090921 PFI4 C10/0,03 0090922 PFI4 C13/0,03 0090923 PFI4 C16/0,03 0090924 PFI4 C20/0,03 0090925 PFI4 C25/0,03 0090926 PFI4 C32/0,03 0090927 PFI4 C40/0,03

    Characteristics B

    Characteristics C

    PFI 4

    Ord.code Type0090940 PFI4 B6/0,1 0090941 PFI4 B10/0,1 0090942 PFI4 B13/0,10090943 PFI4 B16/0,1 0090944 PFI4 B20/0,1 0090945 PFI4 B25/0,1 0090946 PFI4 B32/0,1 0090947 PFI4 B40/0,1

    Ord.code Type0090960 PFI4 C6/0,10090961 PFI4 C10/0,10090962 PFI4 C13/0,10090963 PFI4 C16/0,1 0090964 PFI4 C20/0,1 0090965 PFI4 C25/0,1 0090966 PFI4 C32/0,1 0090967 PFI4 C40/0,1

    Ord.code Type0090950 PFI4 B6/0,30090951 PFI4 B10/0,30090952 PFI4 B13/0,3 0090953 PFI4 B16/0,3 0090954 PFI4 B20/0,3 0090955 PFI4 B25/0,3 0090956 PFI4 B32/0,3 0090957 PFI4 B40/0,3

    Ord.code Type0091220 PFI4 C6/0,3 0091221 PFI4 C10/0,3 0091222 PFI4 C13/0,3 0091223 PFI4 C16/0,3 0091224 PFI4 C20/0,3 0091225 PFI4 C25/0,3 0091226 PFI4 C32/0,3 0091227 PFI4 C40/0,3

    Ord.code Type0090910 PFI4 B6/0,50090911 PFI4 B10/0,50090912 PFI4 B13/0,50090913 PFI4 B16/0,5 0090914 PFI4 B20/0,50090915 PFI4 B25/0,50090916 PFI4 B32/0,5 0090917 PFI4 B40/0,5

    Ord.code Type0090930 PFI4 C6/0,50090931 PFI4 C10/0,5 0090932 PFI4 C13/0,50090933 PFI4 C16/0,5 0090934 PFI4 C20/0,5 0090935 PFI4 C25/0,5 0090936 PFI4 C32/0,5 0090937 PFI4 C40/0,5

    Ord.code Type0090600 PFI2 B6/0,010090601 PFI2 B10/0,010090619 PFI2 B13/0,010090602 PFI2 B16/0,010090603 PFI2 B20/0,010090604 PFI2 B25/0,010090610 PFI2 B6/0,030090611 PFI2 B10/0,030090618 PFI2 B13/0,030090612 PFI2 B16/0,030090613 PFI2 B20/0,030090614 PFI2 B25/0,030090615 PFI2 B32/0,030090616 PFI2 B40/0,030090620 PFI2 B6/0,10090621 PFI2 B10/0,10090622 PFI2 B16/0,10090623 PFI2 B20/0,10090624 PFI2 B25/0,10090625 PFI2 B32/0,10090626 PFI2 B40/0,10090630 PFI2 B6/0,30090631 PFI2 B10/0,30090632 PFI2 B16/0,30090633 PFI2 B20/0,30090634 PFI2 B25/0,30090635 PFI2 B32/0,30090636 PFI2 B40/0,30090640 PFI2 B6/0,50090641 PFI2 B10/0,50090642 PFI2 B16/0,50090643 PFI2 B20/0,50090644 PFI2 B25/0,50090645 PFI2 B32/0,50090646 PFI2 B40/0,5

    Ord.code Type0090700 PFI2 C6/0,010090701 PFI2 C10/0,010090705 PFI2 C13/0,010090702 PFI2 C16/0,010090703 PFI2 C20/0,010090704 PFI2 C25/0,010090710 PFI2 C6/0,030090711 PFI2 C10/0,030090718 PFI2 C13/0,030090712 PFI2 C16/0,030090713 PFI2 C20/0,030090714 PFI2 C25/0,030090715 PFI2 C32/0,030090716 PFI2 C40/0,030090720 PFI2 C6/0,10090721 PFI2 C10/0,10090722 PFI2 C16/0,10090723 PFI2 C20/0,10090724 PFI2 C25/0,10090725 PFI2 C32/0,10090726 PFI2 C40/0,10090730 PFI2 C6/0,30090731 PFI2 C10/0,30090732 PFI2 C16/0,30090733 PFI2 C20/0,30090734 PFI2 C25/0,30090735 PFI2 C32/0,30090736 PFI2 C40/0,30090740 PFI2 C6/0,50090741 PFI2 C10/0,50090742 PFI2 C16/0,50090743 PFI2 C20/0,50090744 PFI2 C25/0,50090745 PFI2 C32/0,50090746 PFI2 C40/0,5

    Characteristics B Characteristics CPFI 2

    Residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection PFIResidual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection PFI


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