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the greening of America's parks


  • positively impacting our communities, the planet and your working capital

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    Copyright Princeton Green LLC All Rights Reserved 2008-2011

    .approachFollow our pathway to create meaningful change. The pg.approach is a non-linear framework through which an integrated approach can be customized to meet our clients sustainability goals.

    the greening of Americas parks & recreation

  • Audit Your Bills

    EducateDecision Makers

    Audit Your Building(s)

    Analyze Your Energy Costs

    RecommendGeneration Technologies

    RecommendConservation Technologies

    Achieve YourSustainability Goals

    Provide Access to Capital

    Promote YourSustainability Efforts

    Green Services


    Our approach follows our guiding principle:

    conserve first. then generate.Copyright Princeton Green LLC

    All Rights Reserved 2008-2011

  • We employ systematic account review, audit, and analysis of your electric, gas, water, sewer, phone, IT, and wireless bills. We also provide energy procurement.

    We assess your building(s) to understand the current level of energy efficiency. In addition, we audit your past energy-related retrofits to determine whether they qualify for Section 179D incentives currently being offered through the 2005 Energy Policy Act (EPACT).

    We Audit Your Bills

    We Audit Your Building(s)

    We Offer Viable SolutionsThrough deploying the auditing process, were able to make economically viable recommendations to reduce your fixed energy costs.

    We Provide Access to CapitalLease purchasing, bank financing, federal tax incentives, state/utility rebates, and energy cost reductions help provide the means to integrate energy-saving solutions.

    We Promote Our ClientsIncremental change leads to transformational change. We promote and leverage our clients progressive sustainability efforts to enhance their brand image.

    We educate decision makers regarding innovative ways to find, save and make money through energy-related solutions. This is the only way innovation gets embraced in the marketplace.

    We Educate Decision MakersThe pg.approach is a non-linear framework through which an integrated approach can be customized to meet our clients sustainability goals. The framework is non-linear because the various aspects of our approach can follow a pathway based on our clients specific needs. Some clients may leverage only one aspect of the framework, whereas o t h e r s m a y e m b r a c e t h e integrated approach from start to finish. The framework can also be deployed in a series of phases, allowing positive outcomes to occur in one phase before moving onto another. In all, the pg.approach is designed with our clients needs in mind.


    Reaching your sustainability goals together.

    Follow our pathway to create meaningful change.

  • We Find You Money.

    We Save You Money.

    We Make You Money.

    We review relevant Federal and State subsidies, offer financing opportunities, Section 179D EPACT incentives, and offer a shared savings account audit to analyze your electric, gas, water, sewer, phone, IT, and wireless bills to help find the money to reallocate toward your sustainability efforts.

    We make economically viable recommendations to reduce your fixed energy costs through our portfolio of innovative services and conservation solutions.

    Though our power generation technologies, you can create income instead of bleeding your profits to energy expenses.

    We are a research-based and educationally-focused organization of interconnected Energy Advisors. We deploy innovate energy conservation and energy generation solutions for our clients. We can help you find money, save money and make money.

    866.9sav.nrg (972-8674)

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  • We focus our energy on education. Decision makers need to be educated so they are empowered to make diligent decisions. Therefore, we educate decision makers, and help them deploy innovative solutions that save and make them money.

    Transformational change can be created through behavioral economics, which includes changing behaviors of people, and rewarding this changed behavior with economic benefits. Education is the key to changing behaviors, and education evolves through research. Aligning research and education with solutions that promote positive change is the key to our needed transformation. is focused on educating our clients as well as our children because transformational change, in this context, is generational. Educating our children regarding environmentally conscious living enables them to bring forth this knowledge into their own lives as they transition to become an active contributor to society. Additionally, and equally as important, educating our children brings with it a new level of accountability for is also focused on education as a client industry. Higher education is dedicated to greening their campuses, which is supported by a climate commitment letter signed by many Presidents of colleges and universities across the United States. K-12 is also focused on having green schools. Older schools are being upgraded to become more energy efficient, and new schools are being built with energy efficient strategies seamlessly integrated into their functionality and design. Many aspire to have their schools LEED certified through the USGBC, and we assist them in meeting criteria in the process. Working directly with schools and institutions enables us to not only improve the physical learning environment, but help to educate the students within those walls regarding environmental consciousness.For more information, contact

    pg.educationwe educate decision makers.

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  • Natural Gas/Electricity Water/Sewer

    Telecom/IT/Wireless Procurement

    We recapture

    dollars mistakenly spent, while reducing your fixed expenses going forward.

    100% Risk FreeWe find mistakes, then

    share the savings.

    pg.bill auditsevaluation services to analyze your fixed operating expenses.

    Organizations in all industries rely on our technical expertise, objective advice and turnkey outsourcing options to curb utility and telecom/IT overspending, returning those dollars to their bottom line.

    We offer flexible engagement options from "shared savings" to pure retainer to fit the client preferences of Fortune 500s, small and mid-sized organizations.

    This is a risk free service since we only get paid when we find you savings. If we dont find you savings, then you owe us nothing.

    taking a closer look will save you money.

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    In todays marketplace, companies, organizations and government entities cant afford to waste money in needless ways. And, the blatant reality is that billing errors are at an all-time high. Furthermore, its interesting, and rather odd, that the billing errors we find happen to be 90%+ of the time in favor of the provider.

    A comprehensive energy and telecom bill audit leads to maximum expense reduction or containment. Since our inception, we have successfully audited more than 10,000 utility and telecom accounts nationwide. In 2008 alone, we have managed over $325m in energy spending. Because we work for you and not the utility companies or government, your bottom line results are our only focus.

    In addition, since electricity rate caps are currently expiring in Pennsylvania and other states, we can now shop for our local clients electricity needs and assist them to secure the best available price.For more information, contact

    Roughly 98% of the time we find billing errors.

    Roughly 90% of the time, errors are in favor of the service provider, not yours.

    More than 75% of the time we can lower your utility and/or telecom costs.

  • We have found that utility and telecom bills are intentionally designed to be difficult to read and analyze. Intimate expertise is required to be proficient at gaining clarity as to whether you're being billed accurately.

    pg.building auditsevaluation services to analyze your fixed operating expenses.

    Better understand your Fuel, Electricity, Water, Sewer, and Telecom with Energy Efficiency & EPACT Building


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  • 866.9sav.nrg (972-8674)

    Virtually every building has energy inefficiencies. Throughout the princetongreen solutions network there are energy auditing services companies. These expert service companies provide independent energy auditing. An independent energy audit consists of a complete property inspection to identify areas for energy efficiency improvement. They perform an economic analysis of all of their recommendations to determine payback time and total return on investment (ROI). They tend to prioritize those solutions that have the greatest economic impact, while helping the environment.Description of Audit Process:- Walk the building to become familiar with all mechanical systems- Assess all other building characteristics including lighting, envelope and shading- Review 24 months of utility data- Review operating and maintenance practicesMake recommendations that:- Outline cost, benefit and ROI- Limit cash outlay by redirecting dollars already spent- Maximize maintenance and operation efficiencies- Update systems to utilize energy saving technologies - Replace equipment with most energy efficient alternatives

    Next Steps:Based on the findings of the audit, we may be able to help you in executing the recommendations you decide to embrace. Simply doing


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