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2. AGRICULTURE CULTIVATION OF PLANTS AND THE DOMESTICATION OF ANIMALS IN ORER TO FEED AND CLOTHE PEOPLE 3. 1.) AGRICULTURAL CROPS ex. palay, cornotherAgricultural products2.) SUBSECTORS Fisheries, livestock andpoultry 4. 3.) FORESTRYLogging, Afforestation, minorfarm productsRefers to farming/ production of agrcultural crops 5. >Satisfy only >Sells thesubstinence of family productor clan locally/abroad 6. MEDIUM SCALE: farmmainsource of the familys dailyfood needs.LARGE SCALE: vast landplanted to a single crop,for the export market 7. MANUAL MANUAL MACHINERIESMACHINERIESTHRESHINGTHRESHING FARMFARM 8. THE IMPORTANCE OF AGRICULTURE Article II (Declaration of Principles) Sec. 21 The State shall promote comprehensive rural development and agrarian reformJ and Ma 9. REFERENCE : BUREAU OF AGRICULTURALSTATISTICS 10. AGRICULTURESVITAL FUNCTIONS 1.) PROVIDER OF FOOD AND ECONOMIC SECURITY -feed the populations 11. 2.) SOURCE OF RAWMATERIALS FOR INDUSTRY 12. 3.) MARKET FOR INDUSTRYSPRODUCTS*As earnings from agriculture increase,the demand for industrial productsincreases.Ex. Fertilizers, machines4.) SOURCE OF LIVELIHOOD* Agriculture employs 35% of thelabor force. 13. 5.) SOURCE OF FOREIGN EXCHANGECoconut = countrys top agricultural export6.) CONTRIBUTOR TONATIONAL INCOME- increase in Gross value ofAgricultural production. 14. LIVESTOCK Year200720082009 TotalCarabao 136,959 140,423 140,910 418,292 Cattle 236,871 239,156 245,100 721,127 Hog 1.8 M 1.9 M1.9 M5.6 M Goat 76,55878,009 77,379231,946Source: Bureau AgriculturalStatistics 15. POULTRY AND EGGS Year 20072008 2009TotalChicken1.2 M 1.3 M1.3 M3.8 M Duck 42,456 39,206 35,928 117,590Chicken eggs 335,104 350,789 368,464 1.1 M Duck129,061 eggs 46,990 42,454 39,617MSource: Bureau AgriculturalStatistics 16. FISHERIES Year 20072008 2009 TotalFisheries 4.8 M 5M 5M 14.8 M Source: Bureau Agricultural Statistics 17. A.UNSTABLE PRICESA.UNSTABLE PRICES-If floods damage lowerproduction,prices offarm products, fishes &livestock rise 18. B. LACK OF RURALB. LACK OF RURALINFRASTRACTURE &INFRASTRACTURE & AGRICULTURAL AGRICULTURALEQUIPMENT EQUIPMENT-lack of roads and bridgesslow down producttransport from farm tomarket cause spoilage. 19. C. LACK OF C. LACK OF COMPETITIVENESS IN COMPETITIVENESS IN THE GLOBAL MARKETS THE GLOBAL MARKETS-our outdated technologies-over-dependence on weather 20. INSTITUTIONS HELPINGTHE AGRICULTURALSECTOR Primary body for agricultural activitiesSec. Proceso J. Alcala 21. Implementation of AgrarianReformSec. Virgilio AlmarioActivies concerning theenvironment, forests andwildlife Sec. Lito Atienza 22. Provides the data on thevolume of production of theAgriculrural Industries 23. In charge for the Fisheries sectorRegulates the grains industry,food security program,distributing basic commodities 24. SUGGESTIONS1.) Construct rural infrastructures such asirrigation systems2.) Give farmers the chance to own theland they till3.)Agricultural technology must beimproved fertilizers, machines andequipments 25. 4.)Institutions helping the sector mustbe funded5.) farmers, fisherfolk other workersmust be educated/trained6.)Government must supportcooperatives of farmers, fisherfolk andlivestock producers 26. -association of at least 15 individuals who combine their resources money, labor,knowledge, to attain mutually beneficial goal. 27. >Consumers Cooperatives>Farmers Cooperatives>Producers Cooperatives>MultipurposeCooperatives 28. -in charge for theregistration and regulationof cooperatives 29. R.A. 6939-created the CDAto promote the varibalityand growth of cooperativesfor equity.. 30. -Members of Cooperatives can poolfinancial resources to be able to buymachines-Cooperatives offer higher buyingprices for the farmers produce 31. Accumulated profits arereturned to members in the form of dividends