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  • Yamaha Music School

  • PHONE 01908 528808

    Yamaha Music School

    Aims to provide musical education for students of all ages.

    Employs professional musicians who are

    specifically trained by Yamaha to ensure quality teaching on all courses.

    Yamaha Music School specialises in group

    tuition giving the student a more enjoyable musical experience throughout each lesson.

    Tuition is given after school hours and

    all day on Saturdays.

    Students are prepared for examinations through the London College of Music, Rockschool

    and Associated Board of Music.

    Student concerts are held on a regular basis at Stantonbury Theatre which provides students

    with the opportunity of performing in front of an audience.

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  • Yamaha Music School

    Tuition available at Yamaha Music School

    Play for Keeps : Keyboard course for beginners aged from 9 and upwards.

    Junior Play for Keeps : Keyboard course

    for beginners aged between 5 and 6 years.

    Piano Course for Children : Piano based Course for beginners aged between 7 and 8 years .

    Guitar Encounters : Guitar course for beginners aged from 8 and upwards.

    Drum Encounters : Drum course for

    beginners aged from 8 and upwards.

    Vocal Encounters : Singing course for Beginners aged from 8 and upwards.

    Individual tuition available on piano,

    keyboard and guitar. Assessment lessons are available for any of

    the courses listed above.

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  • PHONE 01908 528808

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    Play for Keeps keyboard course is for beginners aged from 9and upwards. Play for Keeps is an exciting popular music-based course arranged so that the beginner progresses in easy steps to provide a lesson full of fun and learning. Play for Keeps lessons are LIVE group lessons - no headphones! Play for Keeps lessons are only 10.00 for an hours lesson. Play for Keeps course material supports music at National Curriculum Key Stage 2 and 3 and GCSE and A level. Play for Keeps course material includes lots of tunes suitable for all tastes in music arranged in modern styles. Play for Keeps course material is fully accredited with Trinity College of Music Examination Syllabus.

    Play for Keeps

    Keyboard Course

  • Yamaha Music School

    Drum Encounters Course is designed to be a fun, leisure course, with continuous assessment for beginners aged from 8 and upwards in small classes. The course takes the student from beginner to an advanced level with professional drum teachers. Drum Encounters Course combines the best elements of traditional one-on-one drum lessons with a creative modern approach resulting in quality group teaching. Drum Encounters Course students learn to play in a state-of-the art Yamaha drum studio using the best drums and practice pads. Drum Encounters lessons are LIVE group lessons pupils warm up with exercises on drum pad followed by technique development on drum kits. Students also play along to all kinds of music on CD. Drum Encounters Course material includes drum notation and drum patterns to supplement the skills and techniques the students will learn.

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    Drum Encounters Course

  • Tuition Payments 2010

    GROUP TUITION FOR ONE HOUR Play for Keeps 7 lessons 70.00 PFK textbook & CD 20.00 Junior Play for Keeps 7 lessons 70.00 JPK textbook & CD 20.00 Piano Course 7 lessons 70.00 PCFC textbook 8.00 Guitar Encounters 7 lessons 70.00 Guitar Textbook& CD 20.00 Drum Encounters 7 lessons 70.00 Drum Textbook & CD 20.00 Vocal Encounters 7 lessons 70.00 Vocal textbook & CD 20.00 INDIVIDUAL TUITION FOR HALF an HOUR Individual tuition 7 lessons 91.00 Invoices are sent out at the start of each session and must be paid within 14 days upon receipt of invoice.

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  • Session Dates 2010

    Session 1... 7 lesson payment from Monday 4th January to Saturday 27th February inclusive. Half term from 15th February - 20th February. Lessons start again on Monday 22nd February 2010. Session 27 lesson payment from Monday 1st March to Saturday 1st May inclusive. Easter holiday from 2nd April 15th April. Lessons start again on Friday 16th April 2010. Session 3. 7 lesson payment from Monday 3rd May to Saturday 26th June inclusive. Half term from 31st May - 5th June. Lessons start again on Monday 7th June 2010. NO LESSONS 29th May 2010 due to concert Session 47 lesson payment from Monday 28th June to Saturday 18th September Summer holiday from 26th July - 31st August. Lessons start again on Wednesday 1st September 2010. Session 5.7 lesson payment from Monday 20th September to Saturday 13th November inclusive. Half term from 25th October - 30th October. Lessons start again on Monday 1st November 2010. Session 65 lesson payment from Monday 11th November to Saturday 18th December inclusive. LESSONS COMMENCE AGAIN ON Tuesday 4th January 2011

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  • PHONE 01908 528808

    Guitar Encounters is for beginners aged from 8 to 70!! Guitar Encounters is a contemporary course for the electric, acoustic and electro-acoustic guitar. Guitar Encounters uses a variety of modern material to cover a wide range of popular music styles. Guitar Encounters uses exciting backing tracks to help students develop their skills when practising at home. Guitar Encounters develops talent quickly and enjoya-bly using the unique Yamaha teaching method suitable for all ages. Guitar Encounters classes are for one hour in a group environment which is both stimulating and educational, and students have 100% involvement throughout the lesson. Guitar Encounters encourages students to take guitar examinations with Rockschool of Music.

    Guitar Encounters

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  • Yamaha Music School

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    Vocal Encounters Vocal Encounters is for students aged from 8 and upwards who want to learn to sing! Lessons are given in small groups and activities include group and solo performance. Background vocals and harmony singing are taught. Vocal Encounters brings an exciting new dimension to voice training. Lessons always begin with a warm up and a multitude of techniques phrasing, tone, and breath control will be taught which will strengthen and enhance the singing voice. Vocal Encounters lessons are LIVE group lessons pupils also learn the fundamentals of music theory and get the chance to learn to accompany themselves if they can already play guitar, keyboard or piano. Vocal Encounters course material is primarily geared towards popular music, and microphone techniques are also covered. Continuous assessment is carried out by the teacher. By the time, you graduate from the course, youll be ready to take to the stage ! Individual lessons also available for more advanced Students.

  • PHONE 01908 528808

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    Junior Play for Keeps Keyboard Course

    Junior Play for Keeps is for children aged 5 to 6 years. Junior Play for Keeps establishes a good playing keyboard ability. Junior Play for Keeps uses a variety of activities including singing, keyboard games, musical appreciation and rhythm work. Junior Play for Keeps is a structured course, each textbook follows a theme and the course lasts for between 3 to 4 years. Junior Play for Keeps is taught for one hour in a group environment. Students have 100% involvement in the lessons and parents are encouraged to attend the lessons.

  • Yamaha Music School

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    Piano Course for Children is for beginners aged 7 years and upwards. Piano Course for Children is a piano-based course which develops piano skills at the first lesson. Piano Course for Children is a group lesson which includes rhythm work, notation work and singing. Jogging exercises and scales form an essential part of the lesson. Piano Course for Children encourages students to take Yamaha Grade examinations and London College of Mu-sic examinations. Individual tuition available on piano, keyboard and gui-tar. Individual lessons given on a weekly basis. Tuition is for 30 minutes. Assessment lessons arranged with the teacher.

    Piano Course for Children

  • PHONE 01908 528808

    Terms and Conditions We have produced a set of guidelines to improve the

    level of service to all our students at the Yamaha Music School. We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions where appropriate.

    FEES: Invoices for tuition are sent out in advance of each session. Payment must be made within 14 days each session. Failure to pay ANY INVOICE will automatically cancel any further tuition at the Music School.

    WITHDRAWAL FROM TUTION: A pupil can with draw from tuition by giving WRITTEN notice by the FOURTH week of the current Session.

    Written notice MUST be sent to the Principal Teacher of the Yamaha Music School. VERBAL

    notification cannot be accepted. Termination of invoices and tuition will then take effect at the start of the next session. CANCELLATION: The school cannot issue credits for lessons cancelled by STUDENTS. This is the policy of the Yamaha Music School and applies to both Group and Individual lessons. Credits are given when a teacher cancels lessons and they are shown on the INVOICE for the NEXT session. RESPONSIBILITY: The Yamaha Music School acknowledges its responsibility for the supervision of students during lessons and that the parent is responsible at all other times.

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  • Yamaha Music School

    Yamaha Music School Staff

    Principal Teacher : Alison Sha