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2. THE ENGLISH SOUND SYSTEM PHONEMES 24 CONSONANTS 20 VOWELS 3. Short Vowel Sounds / /(ship) bin pin sit / e /(pen) pen ten bell / /(man) pan man bag / / (cup) cup hut bun 4. Short Vowel Sounds // (acamera) a camera a glass a book / /(clock) hot cot top / /(book) book cook look 5. Consonants /p/(pen) pen pencil paper voiceless /b/ (baby) bin box bear voiced /t/ (tin) tin tail ten voiceless /d/ (door) door duck doll voiced 6. Consonants /k/ (key) car cup cat voiceless / f/ (fin) fin five four voiceless /g/ (girl) goat girl glass voiced /v/ (van) van vase veil voiced 7. Consonants //(thin) thin thumb thick voiceless // (than) they there those voiced /s/(sun) sun sit sand voiceless /z/ (zoo) zoo zip zebra voiced 8. Consonants /h/(hat) hill heel handvoiceless /m/(mouth) me met moon voiced /n/(nose) nose nine noise voiced /l/ (letter) low light line voiced 9. Consonants /r/(wrong) right red rose voiced /j/ (yellow) yolk yam yes voiced / w /(window) we wheel wet voiced / / (television) television treasure garage voiced 10. Consonants // (shoe) she shoe ship voiceless / t / (cherry) chips chin cherry voiceless / d / (jam) jam jeep jar voiced //(ring) wing thing wrong voiced 11. Long Monophthongs / i: /(sheep) heel peel leek / : /(girl) bird turn burn / u : /(boot) pool root tooth 12. Long Monophthongs / : /(ball) port fork tall / a : /(heart) march card barn 13. Diphthongs /e / (tail ) tail pain wait / a /(fine) buy tie kite / /(boy) oil coin toy / a /(house) cow bow brow 14. Diphthongs / /(phone) float coat boat / /(beer) ear tear dear / e /(chair) air pear hair / /(sure) sure pure cure 15. Phonics

  • an approach to teaching reading
  • aims at building foundational skills in beginning readers
  • use of phonics depends on the practitioners beliefs about reading

16. Good Phonics Instruction should:

    • develop the alphabetic principle the notion that letters in words stand for specific sounds
    • develop phonological awareness recognition of sounds in spoken words (phoneme awareness)
    • provide a sound grounding in the letters learning the shapes and names of letters
    • provide sufficient practice in reading words in isolation or in context
    • lead automatic word recognition phonics instruction is not the end but the means to help children read words automatically

17. 18. Phoneme : /s/ Grapheme :s ss c 1. Form a cobra head with your hand. 2. Trace the letter s in the air and, says 19. Phoneme : // Grapheme : a Imagine a spider crawling up your arm and sayeh 20. Phoneme : /t/ Grapheme : t Tap two fingers on the desk and say t 21. Phoneme : /p/ Grapheme : p Place four fingers in front of your mouth and sayp 22. 23. Phoneme : / / Grapheme : i Show your teeth and saye . 24. Phoneme : / n / Grapheme : n Touch the tip of your nose and sayn 25. Phoneme : / m / Grapheme : m Lick an ice-cream and say m 26. Phoneme : / d / Grapheme : d Drumming action and sayd 27. 28. Phoneme : / g / Grapheme : g

  • You are cold, clutch yourhands and
  • shiver
  • 2.Sayggg

29. Phoneme : / / Grapheme : o Draw a small circle (anti clockwise) in the air and sayo 30. Phoneme : / k / Grapheme : c k ck Action of flying a kite and sayk 31. Phoneme : / e / Grapheme : e Walk like an elephantand sayeh 32. Phoneme : / / Grapheme : u Look up and sayuh uh 33. Phoneme : /r/ Grapheme : r Be a lion and sayrrr 34. 35. Phoneme : /h/ Grapheme : h 1.Place your palm in front of your mouth. 2.Laughhaha 36. Phoneme : /b/ Grapheme : b Action of balloon bursting and say b 37. Phoneme : /f/ Grapheme : f ff Action of bird flying and sayf 38. Phoneme : /l/ Grapheme : l ll Raise both arms upright and sayll.. 39. 40. Phoneme : /d/ Grapheme : g j Jump and sayj. 41. Show the peace sign and sayv. Phoneme : /v/ Grapheme : v 42. Join two peace signs and sayw. Phoneme : /w/ Grapheme : w 43. Phoneme : /ks/ /gz/ Grapheme : x Cross your hands and sayks.. Slash x and saygz.. 44. 45. Nod and sayyeh Phoneme : /j/ Grapheme : y 46. Trace z in the air and sayz.. Phoneme : /z/ Grapheme : z zz 47. Phoneme : /kw/ Grapheme : qu Action of a duck flapping its wings once and sayqua 48. 49. Phoneme : / t / Grapheme : ch 1.Action of a moving train with both arms2.Saych. 50. Phoneme : / / Finger on the lips and saysh.. Grapheme : sh 51. Phoneme : / / voiceless Phoneme : / / voiced Grapheme : th Show the thumb and sayth. Point with the thumb and sayth. 52. Action of mosquito buzzing around ears and sayng. Phoneme : / / Grapheme : ng 53. 54. cat mat bat rat 55. hat sat pat 56. rat and cat cat and bat 57. hat and mat pat a cat 58. a mat a cat on a mat 59. a rat on a mat a bat on a mat 60. a hat on a mat a cat and a rat on a mat a cat, a bat and a rat on a mat 61. High Frequency Words Decodable Not Decodable 62. Decodable Words : Phonetically decodable words should be taught according to the principle of saying sounds in a word in the order in which they occur. 63. Not Decodable Words : Some words are not decodable using the grapheme-phoneme correspondence.They are also called tricky words. 64. Tricky Words : the to I no go into you they all are my her he she we me be was 65. Tricky Words : said have like so do some come were there little one when out what oh their people Mr Mrs looked called asked could 66. Regina Joseph Cyril English Language Unit [email_address] 03-8884 2088