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Downtown Hartford, CT

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Downtown Hartford, CT

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Connecticut State Capital The Connecticut State Capital building is located on north Capital Avenue and south Bushnell Park in downtown Hartford. This is third capital building for CT since the American Revolution. The building was designed by Richard M. Upjohn. The building was completed in 1878.

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City HallThe Hartford Municipal building otherwise known as City Hall is located at 550 Main St. I was built in 1915. The building is a historic Beaux Arts structure and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.

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The Old State HouseThe Old State House is located on 800 Main St. The building was completed in 1976. It is similar in appearance to the Town Hall of Liverpool, England. The State House has been slightly modified since it was first built. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1960.

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Capital Community CollegeCapital Community College or CCC is located at 960 Main St. It is the only undergraduate institution in the city of Hartford. The building was originally the G. Fox and Co Department Store until 1993. The college and other state and city offices moved into the building in 2002.

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The Bushnell Center for Performing ArtsThe Bushnell Center for Performing Arts is located at 166 Capitol Street. It was built in 1930 by Dotha Bushnell Hillyer as a memorial for her father Reverend Dr. Horace Bushnell. The Bushnell claims to be Connecticut’s premier performing arts theatre.

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The First Church of ChristThe First Church of Christ is located at 60 Gold Street and is also known as Center Church. It was founded in 1632 and was actually located in Cambridge, MA. Thomas Hooker was the church’s first pastor. It was moved to Hartford in 1936. The current building is the fourth Meeting House for the church and was completed in 1807.

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The Hartford Public LibraryThe Hartford Public Library is located at 500 Main St. Its original name was the Hartford Young Men’s Institute. It opened in 1892 and its names was changed to The Hartford Public Library in 1893. The library was located in the Wadsworth Atheneum from 1844-early 1957. On January 2, 1957 it was moved to its present site.

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The Wadsworth Atheneum of ArtThe Wadsworth Atheneum of Art is located at 600 Main St. and was founded in 1842 by Daniel Wadsworth. It is a historic art museum that was comprised of five connected buildings; The Gothic Revival Wadsworth Building of 1844, The Watkinson Library of Reference of 1860,The Tudor Revival Colt Memorial of 1910,The Renaissance Revival Memorial of 1910 and The Avery Memorial of 1934. The entire building became devoted to the fine arts when the Goodwin building opened in 1969.

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The Phoenix Mutual Insurance Building The Phoenix Mutual Insurance Building is also know as the Boat Building due its design meant to resemble a ship. The building is located on One American Rowe and its construction was complete in 1963. The Boat Building received the Silver Leed Award and is also listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

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The XL Center The XL Center is located at 1 Civic Center Plaza. It was formally known as the Hartford Civic Center. The Center was renamed in December 2007. It is the 28th largest college basketball arena.

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