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Photoshop image masking is the major service offered by us. We offer outsource image masking services and clipping path services


<ul><li><p>Photo Masking Services | Alpha channel Masking | Photoshop Layer Masking </p><p>Photo masking is the technique which is used to create extra layer copy of your images. This technique is </p><p>used for complex images like flying hair, smoking fires, animals hair parts etc. Mostly clipping path </p><p>technique is used to isolate your images from their old backgrounds. But some complex images cannot </p><p>suitable for masking technique. For this problem, we at image solutions India providing photo masking </p><p>services to remove your difficult images from their unwanted backgrounds. </p><p>There are many types of masking techniques are there, </p><p> Alpha channel masking </p><p> Photoshop layer masking </p><p> Fur masking </p><p> Translucent layer masking services </p><p>There are many tools like quick selection tool; magic wand tool and magnetic lasso tool are used to hide </p><p>the complex backgrounds of your images. Instead of removing backgrounds by selecting them with the </p><p>above Photoshop tools, we will create layer mask to your images and easily drag your images to new </p><p>desired and exact backgrounds as per your wish. </p><p>Image solutions India is a leading photo masking services providing company provides high volume of </p><p>images at best quality. To demonstrate our quality of work, we are providing sample photo masking </p><p>work to your images to showcase our quality of outcomes within certain period of time. </p><p>Photoshop masking services are used in different ways are, </p><p> Masking image with white backgrounds </p><p> Masking with Transparent Backgrounds </p><p> Desire backgrounds from customers side </p><p> Drop shadow and natural shadow making </p><p> Manual Perfections or basic imaging alterations etc. </p></li></ul>