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We chose this as one of our best photos because of the lighting. This compliments the blue background as it stands out and is quite bright, which also compliments the models skin colour. Another reason we chose it is due to the models stance as it is natural but also quite strong. This is different to other models on front covers of magazines as they are usually posing and staring straight into the camera lens whereas Holly is naturally looking away from the camera. It also looks quite natural as her hair is blowing away from her face which is typically used in photo shoots, this gives the photo a powerful effect.

We also chose the picture, as the models stance facing away from the camera is quite powerful and strong as it goes against the typical cover photos. Her posture is also quite natural as her body is slightly slouched and one of her arms is just swung by her side. Whereas most models have one hand of their hips or are facing straight at the camera.Also the fan has created a windswept effect which creates a good effect with her body language as her hair is blowing behind her. The pink flowers on her shirt also compliment the background making her stand out. If we were to re-shoot the picture we could have changed the lighting to make it look brighter.

We chose this photo, as the model has a strong facial expression as she is pouting and looking into the camera lens which makes her look fierce. This pose is also typical of magazine cover girls therefore makes this a realistic photo to be on a magazine. Also her body language supports the fact that she looks strong and fierce as her hands are above her head holding the prop and she is stood tall. The windswept look of her hair is very powerful and it compliments her facial expression. If we were to reshoot this picture we would move the position of the camera slightly as is has cut of the bottom of her elbow.

We also chose this photo, as the bright colour of the yellow contrasting against the monochrome colours of the models clothes makes the model stand out. She is also staring into the camera lens which is typical of magazine cover photos therefore shows it is a posed photo, but the windswept looks of her hair makes it look more natural.

Her stance is also quite powerful as her hands are holding onto the hat and her body is standing up straight which portrays a strong image.

We chose this photo as the pose and body language is very model like, as she is leaning against the goal post and staring into the camera lens.

However the natural lighting and the surroundings in the photo make is seem very unprofessional compared to most cover photos. The bins and benches behind the model should be cropped to make the photo more presentable.

We chose this photo as it is less serious and more of a entertaining photo, it is also very different from most photos due to her body language and facial expression.

However this again is shown to be unprofessional due to the background including the bins and the buildings behind her.

We chose this photo as it is an action shot and the props are well used in the photo, but again the background is not appropriate for a magazine cover as it has a bin, a bench and a building. Also the picture does not have a main focus which most photos have, which is needed for a magazine cover.

We chose this photo, as using a setting on the camera we created an interesting effect whilst the models were jumping. This photo is very different from most magazine covers as the effect blurs but shows two of each model. If we were to improve this photo we would probably only use the model jumping on the right because the model on the left is blurred so its covering her face which makes it hard to see what she looks like.

We chose this photo as it looks quite professional and the use of the natural lighting and natural background with prop makes her look like a strong model. It is also a very natural photo as she is walking and looking away from the camera.