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Photoshop cc 2016- how is it different from 2015 versionWhen it comes to photo editing, hardly anyone thinks beyond Photoshop cc, because it is considered the best photo editing software so far. Photoshop cc 2016 developed and published by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X is a raster graphics.All of us are waiting desperately for the release of Photoshop cc 2016 to know its new features. We have learned from our sources that Photoshop CC 2016 will be available in next one or two weeks with a large creative cloud. Its believed that the new software will have some more amazing features to make photo editing more creative and easy job.

Important features Photoshop CC2016. Here we go The blend feature Content Aware Crop works well with large continuous areas like sky, grass and mountain, etc. It is also capable of duplicating items in a random manner. The applications of Content Aware Fill we know is taught in the Photoshop Classes at The American Graphics Institute but the new Content Aware Crop has not been included in the syllabus yet. The limitations: Use Content Aware Crop and Content Aware Fill tools with full awareness, otherwise it would look like the clone tool used by an amateur. First-time you will feel a fluid user experience, and you will get access to the unrivaled power of Photoshop. Excellent intuitive user interface and fresh nondestructive editing features

You will be able to control the things very easily, adjust things and Masks panels

Steps to install Photoshop cc 2016Whether you are installing a complete version or a single-App plan, the installation process remains same always. Begin with the download process from the website and follow by the installation.

1Open Creative Cloud apps catalog online and click Photoshop

on it.

2You will be given two options, one free trial membership to

create a cloud, prefer downloading and install the Creative Cloud trial.

3 Your download process will begin right now4 You can check the download time in the status bar next to the apps name.

5 How much time it will take, it will fully depend on the speed of your internet connection

6 Now install Photoshop

7 You can run multiple versions at the same timeNote- unlike many other softwares you will not need to delete the previous version of your software because the Adobe Photoshop does not overwrite existing versions.