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  • PhotoVoice Research ProjectA method to evoke change and actionDeals with taking pictures to tell a storyStory is implemented through the PHOTO acronym

  • 1) Create a research question.2) Take a picture.3) Use the PHOTO or SHOWED acronym to tell a story and invoke change.

  • PHOTOP- Describe your picture.H- What is Happening in your picture?O- Why did you take a picture Of this?T- What does this picture Tell us about life in your community?O- How does this picture provide Opportunities for us to improve life in your community?

  • SHOWEDS- What do we see in this picture? H- What's really happening? O- How does this relate to our lives? W- Why does it exist? E- How could this educate others and inspire change?D- What can we do about it?

  • How does school environment effect student learning in Physical Education and students overall Mental/Emotional Health?

  • Under Privilege


  • Under PrivilegeThis picture shows the ceiling in the gymnasium of the school I taught at. The leak had persisted for months before I was placed at the school and continued for the duration of my stay. When it rained the ceiling leaked, leading to rotten insulation and ceiling tiles, as well as, a large pool of water on the gym floor. Over half the gym was unusable on rainy days.The ceiling is in disrepair. Parts are precariously hanging down. Tiles are gone, they have either fallen or been removed. Water is leaking and the floor underneath is wet.

  • Under Privilege

    I first took this picture to document my teaching experience. I spent a year teaching in underprivileged areas. I taught in two urban districts. I have learned to teach in this physical environment. I want to bring this environmental issue to the attention of the greater community. I want people to see what type of conditions my students in Hartford are expected to learn in. I wonder how much more my students would be able to achieve with a better environment both in school and at home.

  • Under PrivilegeThis picture speaks of my experience so far in my career. This picture shows the physical space I have worked in. This picture also speaks of the schools I have worked in and the challenges I have faced while teaching. Most of all the picture demonstrates the challenges that I and my students face during the school day.

  • I hope this image draws attention to the environmental conditions urban students face at school. How can students learn in conditions like this? How can students feel good about themselves when their environment is telling them they arent worthy of an adequate roof? What effects do these conditions have on the overall self-esteem of my young students? I hope this image is seen by the media, school administrators, and politicians as a cry for help from urban city schools. The government needs to pour money into urban schools to positively effect the school environment impacting student learning/achievement and the overall health of city students.

    Under Privilege

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