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Photography Project. 3.10 Photography Project 3. “M” Element of Texture. A bacus Pendant Elements of Texture and Color. L antern Element of Shape and Color. I cart etching Element of line. A pothecary Bottle Element of point. B roccoli Element of texture. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Photography Project

Photography Project3.10 Photography Project 3

MElement of Texture

Abacus Pendant Elements of Texture and Color

Lantern Element of Shape and Color

Icart etchingElement of line

Apothecary BottleElement of point

BroccoliElement of texture

Oval (egg held in front of light)Elements of shape and value

LemonElement s of color and texture9

Sister (Gianna)Element of point

TrainElements of color and line

EggsElement of shape

RugElements of texture and color