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  • Photography in industry By Alexander Blake
  • Landscape photography This type of photography is known as landscape photography. Landscape photography is used in such things as travel magazines. It has changed over time because technology itself has evolved in the last century. Photographers associated with this form of photography are: Adam Burton.
  • Photojournalism It uses photos to tell a story. Photojournalisms use in the industry is mainly for newspapers. Its evolved over the century because of the invention of colored photographs and also pictures use words instead of pictures. Famous photographers to do with this type of photography are: David Burnett
  • Fine art Creative art, visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or for their imaginative side or for an aesthetic person/ a collector. Its use in the industry is adverts and mostly for magazines. Its evolved from the 20th century as most of the photos in the 20th century were in black and white. Photographer associated with this type of photography: Arthur Leibzig You can find this information on Google, Libraries and Wikipedia Examples:
  • Fashion Fashion photography represents lots of different styles whether its accessories or etc. Theres lots of different types from high fashion to street fashion. Its use in the industry is to promote new fashion trends Its evolved over the century along with technology. Photographers associated with this work: Richard Aredon and David Bailey. For more information, Google, Libraries and catalogues. Examples of images: Google.
  • Advertising Its used to advertise products .Used to sell anything, in billboards and posters. Technology has changed, better cameras, better software and acceptable images. Photographers associated: Advertisement agencies, Saatchi and Saatchi, Amvbbdo. More information/examples: Pdnphotoftheday
  • Documentary Documentary photography usually refers to a popular form of photography used to chronicle significant and historical events. Its uses in the industry are to chronicle significant and historical events. Evolved because of technology has developed and had become more advanced. Photographers: Lewis Hine Information source: Wikipedia, Google


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