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  • Photoshop WorkshopBy: Jeff Zhan & Stephanie ChengPublications Committee Fall 20121


  • To-Dos for Today:About PhotoshopExamplesBasics of PhotoshopQuick TipsReview / Applications of Techniques


  • What is Photoshop?Photoshop is a Worldwide Leading Digital Imaging Editing Software

    About Photoshop

  • The Power of Photoshop is like THIS!

  • Make art that is simple and clean!

  • And beautiful.

  • Who uses Photoshop?Photoshop is Used by millions of Graphic Artists, Web Developers, and JournalistsIt is gaining popularity in:Marketing/AdvertisingPublic RelationsBusiness ManagementSoftware ProgrammingNews EditingSEO/Consulting

    About Photoshop

  • Why use Photoshop?To Express YourselfRetouch & Edit photosRestore Old ImagesEnhance a Portfolio + ResumeExceed certain job requirementsComplement your skillsetDo freelance work for money

    ( work with family & friends

    About Photoshop

  • To-Dos for Today:About PhotoshopExamplesBasics of PhotoshopQuick TipsReview / Applications of TechniquesAssignment


  • What is it used for?Image EditingCroppingColor AdjustmentApplying FiltersBrightness/ContrastBlur/Burn/DodgeHue/SaturationNoise ReductionSharpen/SoftenGamma CorrectionHealing an image

    3 Important Things:Retouching a photo Examples

  • Photoshop offers many different auto-effects Examples

  • Make Instagram Effects!

  • (continued)Photo Manipulation: Application of image editing techniques to photographs to create an illustion/deception.CreativityEffects + FiltersBrushesLayeringUse of TextMasking/OpacityCombining ImagesStock ImagesImage BlendingApplying Textures


  • Merging Different Images

  • Use of Creativity!

  • Adding Effects to People

  • Layering/Opacity/Colors

  • Text effects are very useful and common.

  • Application of Photoshop + Indesign for covers.

  • Examples

  • (continued)Vector Drawing: Using clean, defined lines & shapes to create artwork (like the circles on this powerpoint)Pen ToolShape Tool

    Curves by Pen Tool Shapes combine Shape Tool and Pen Tool Examples

  • More Complicated Vector Art

  • In Application. Used for clean design in advertisements, logos, and flyers.

  • To-Dos for Today:About PhotoshopExamplesBasics of PhotoshopQuick TipsReview / Applications of TechniquesAssignment


  • Basics of Photoshop Basics of PhotoshopCropping, Curves, Saturation, Blend Mode, Text, Filters

  • Ultimate Goal:Teach the essentials what Publications Committee believes you will need to use in creating amazing compositions!

    We will teach you to use common tools, fix common mistakes, and start you off using good practices! Basics of Photoshop

  • Goals for Tutorial:Learn Basic Tools:Move, Selection, Eraser, Crop, Clone, Text, LayersLearn Photo Effects:Brightness, Saturation, Color Balance, Levels & Curves, Blur, Layer Effects, LightingBasic Photo Manipulation:Put two images togetherChange overall composition, lighting

    Basics of Photoshop

  • In the EndYou will know how to:Apply Image Filters/EffectsWork with Backgrounds and PeopleChange the Lighting according to a situationBest Practices for Correcting Edges and ColorKnow the Basics of Photoshop Tools & Layers!

    Basics of Photoshop

  • Using This Background Basics of PhotoshopAnd Jessica Alba...

    We will make.

  • Basics of Photoshop

  • Creating a New DocName your fileSet Width & Height to 2560x1600 pixels.Resolution set to default 72 pixels/inchMore pixels/inch increases quality for the same width/heightSet Mode to RGBIn contrast to what others say about starting with CMYK (Color mode for print), starting with RGB gives you more flexibility and access to photo manipulation tools. Convert to CMYK at the vey end.Set Background Contents to White

    For Newsletter, use:Height: 8.5 in, Width: 11 inResolution: 300 pixels/inchColor Mode: RGB (ImageModeCMYK at very end)

    Basics of Photoshop

  • ToolbarWorkspaceLayers

    Your Workspace in Photoshop (in CS6):

  • ToolbarWorkspaceLayers

    Your Workspace in Photoshop (in CS5):

  • Basics of PhotoshopLayersPhotoshop works in layersAllows for easier editing and photo manipulationLayers above are always on top of the layer below

    Click here to create new layer on top of selected layer. Windows: (Ctrl + Shift + N)Macs: (Cmd + Shift + N)

    Change opacity of a layer here.(0% hides layer, reveals bottom layer)

  • Basics of PhotoshopLayersFile Open PBL_Winter_Night.jpgDuplicate the BackgroundDrag Background to New Layer (Auto-duplicates)Turn Background Layer Off (we have a copy to work with now)


  • Basics of PhotoshopOther 2: Filter & Layer EffectsSelect Background copy LayerIn Layers Panel, on bottom (looks like a half moon), click Create new fill or Adjustment LayerOne of 3 Important Photo Manipulation places you will need to know

  • Basics of PhotoshopAlternative:Image AdjustmentsSame thing, but unlike the previous method, this method affects your image directly. In other words, instead of creating adjustment layers, you permanently alter your image. Harder to undo later on.

  • Basics of PhotoshopAdjust Brightness to -35, Contrast to 30Brightness changes Lightness of PixelsContrast changes Flatness of Pixels. Left = More Flat, Right = More Intensity for Darker Colors


  • Lets Cool this Photo Basics of Photoshop2 Options!Image Adjustments Color Balance

    THE BAD:Only Cools/Applies filters to certain colors, unlike the next option (applies to whole image).Ex: Moving Yellows to Blues only affect Yellow tones

  • Lets Cool this Photo Basics of PhotoshopWe will use THIS optionImage Adjustments Photo FilterChoose Cooling Filter (80) Set to 75

    This option allows Photoshop toauto-correct the entire image for warming or cooling.Alternatively, you can choose another color filter.

  • Saturation Basics of PhotoshopNotice the Intense Blue Light that really stands out.Select Background copy Layer again Create adjustment Layer Hue/SaturationMove Hue/Saturation Layer above Photo Filter (to prevent the layer from cooling our saturation)Click Hand IconThis allows you to saturate only the colors you want, instead of using the Saturation bar and saturating the entire image


    Hide Properties Window for now


  • Basics of PhotoshopClick and Hold on the Blue ColorDrag Left to Saturate the Blue Color a Bit


  • Basics of PhotoshopReselect Background Copy LayerFilter Blur Gaussian BlurWe will put focus on Jessica Alba, and blur the background

    BlurBlur, vs. BlurGaussian BlurGaussian Blur gives you more power to affect a blur and its intensity.Blur is Photoshops automatic filter. No options, less powerful. Use Gaussian.

  • Basics of PhotoshopBackground is good for now! Lets open Jessica Alba. File Open PBL_Jessica_Alba.jpgPress Ctrl + A, to copy the whole image, then Ctrl + C to copy

  • Basics of PhotoshopGo back to PBL_Winter_Night document. Select Background copy Layer, and press Ctrl + V to paste JessicaNotice Layer is under the adjustment effects! Move Alba above them.

  • Basics of PhotoshopRight-Click the Image, click Free Transform. While holding Shift (keeps proportion), scale/move Jessica to somewhere like the picture above. Press Enter to confirm transformation.1*You will use Free Transform a lot!

  • Basics of PhotoshopErase area around Alba: Pick the Quick Selection tool (4th icon in toolbar. If not there, hold icon and choose Quick Selection) Choose a Brush 65px and 100% Hardness, and brush the background around AlbaDo not worry if it cuts into Jessica! We will fix this!11Selection2

    Quick Selection uses Photoshops algorithm to cleverly select areas with lots of color, to select the area only YOU need. What it does: Erases backgrounds from objects!3

  • Basics of PhotoshopSelect Subtract from Selection at topStart brushing the selection areas that cut into Alba. Remember, we want to remove the background, not Alba, so make the selection only the background!If you make a mistake, press Ctrl + Z to undo. OR, click Add to selection at top1Selection2

  • Basics of PhotoshopThree Techniques for Cleaner Edges

  • Basics of PhotoshopWith selection highlighted, before you press Delete (only works before), select Refine Edge at top1Technique 1: Refine Mask

    23Hit Delete on keyboard to delete selectionPress Ctrl + D to deselectMuch cleaner edge! But still not clean!4Set Smooth to 10, and Feather to 2px, click OK (smooth smooths selection, feather gradually fades in selection)

  • Basics of PhotoshopRefine Mask does not get rid of everything. Lines have been left. Click the Eraser Tool halfway down toolbarSet eraser to around 80pxErase the line areas by brushing over area. If you hold Shift and brush down, you will brush in a straight path up/down.1Technique 1: Refine Mask

    23Holding Shift while brushing, moving objects, or free transforming either keeps the brush/move path straight, or makes transforming images proportional (free transform)

  • Basics of PhotoshopWith Jessica Alba layer still selected, click Lay