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Our main presentation featured many of our members. Those who submitted entries were randomly drawn to talk about their work.


  • 1Lisa AltomareMcMurry


    Winter White


    Bespoke Bride

    Menu Trends

    Heirloom Jewels

    YOU R D R E AM S . O U R P L E A S U R E .


    FdRW0111_00_Cover.indd 1 11/23/10 10:57 AM

    isle do isle do 58 W EDD INGS BY T H E R I TZ- CAR LTON

    On her: Silver and gold embroidered Cherry Blossom gown ($5,250), by Claire Pettibone (; and 3.63-carat diamond and white gold chandelier earrings ($9,650), from Huttons Fine Jewelers ( On him: Silk and cotton suit ($2,995), by Ermenegildo Zegna (; dress shirt ($89), by Calvin Klein (; ivory suede wingtip oxfords ($198), by Calibrate, from Nordstrom (; and 18-karat gold, silver and diamond watch ($31,350), by Rolex, from Baron & Leeds, Lahaina (

    What if ... the treasured traditions of an island paradise inspired every detail of your destination wedding?

    FdRW0112_58-65_Destination.indd 58 11/21/11 1:51 PM

  • 2Lisa AltomareMcMurry

    Weddings and cakes go together like love

    and marriage. But the latest trend for

    many contemporary couples is offering a

    signature sWeet treat thats far less

    traditional though no less memoraBle.

    Text by Renee schettLeR Photography by Dan VeRmiLLion

    ice cream bar New Orleansinto every reception a slight lull seems to come, usually and not surprisingly just after dinner. At The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans, Executive Pastry Chef Thomas McGovern finds that a little whimsy in the form of an ice cream station really revitalizes things. Guests can indulge in create-your-own sundaes, smothering ice cream with hot fudge, caramel sauce, strawberries, whipped cream, peanuts, chopped candy bars, even Pop Rocks. Or they can instead sample minicones, showing off a veritable palette of flavors, from the more expected vanilla and chocolate and strawberry to the relatively exotic watermelon and even lemon verbena sorbet. We tend to see a WOW! type of response, says McGovern. No surprise there.

    FooD styLing by eLLen stRaine

    . . .Cake?let them eat

    weDD ings by the r i tz- car lton 49

    trio of sweets Hong Kongin china, custom sways many brides and grooms to opt for an elaborate eight-course wedding banquet, long believed to bring newlyweds luck. Yet at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, nearly a third of these couples still play loose and fancy-free with the last course, requesting something sophisticated yet decidedly unconventional. Executive Pastry Chef Richard Longs response takes the form of an elegant plated dessert, a trio of lavish tastes comprising decadent, fudge-like chocolate cake, velvety passion fruit crme and raspberry mousse atop a sliver of a joconde spongecake which, in a subtle nod to another tradition, is the basis of many a tiered wedding cake.

    this page: matte & shine hors doeuvres tray ($80, including three bowls), by Donna Karan for Lenox (

  • 3I love photography because I get to meet the most random people.

    Steven BagbySteven Bagby Photography

  • 4I love photography because I get to meet the most random people.

    Steven BagbySteven Bagby Photography

  • 5Im proud of what Ive learned in the process of working on this series of infographics. I really like how they chunk out bits of information for people to read in a fun, colorful format.

    Erica BrooksMcMurry, Inc.

  • 6Im proud of what Ive learned in the process of working on this series of infographics. I really like how they chunk out bits of information for people to read in a fun, colorful format.

    Erica BrooksMcMurry, Inc.

  • 7I design a lot of health-related publications for my company.

    Allison BrownThe Segal Company


    WelcomeWelcome to Benefits U an educational series that benefits you on using your benefits resources to become better health care consumers. These articles were published in LifeLines throughout the first three months of the year. We are providing them to you all together again in this booklet as an additional resource in helping you better understand your benefits.

    If you have ideas or topics you would like to see covered in future articles of Benefits U, please feel free to email Amy Alexander at



    Prescription Drugs: A Refresher

    Understanding your prescription drug coverage is important. So, we thought we would take this opportunity to provide you with a refresher on how our Pharmacy Benefit works. First, here are some key points:1. Prescription drug coverage is provided as part of the medical plan option you

    choose. This means that your medical plan premium includes the cost of your pharmacy benefit.

    2. There are two ways in which to receive your prescription drugs: in-network (two on-site pharmacies) and out-of-network (national network of pharmacies including local Columbus Regional retail pharmacies).

    3. To be eligible for the in-network option, you and your family members must complete a health risk assessment, which is always available through the Employee Health Center at The Medical Center. Note: the out-of-network option is available immediately upon your effective date of coverage; the in-network option is effective upon completion of each family members health risk assessment.

    4. There are six levels of prescription drug coverage as outlined in the coverage chart below.

    5. If you select the High Deductible Health Plan, you are enrolled in the Humana Pharmacy Benefit Plan, which provides a different formulary and in-network providers. Benefits are also subject to annual deductible and coinsurance.

    Copayment Tier Structure: In-Network vs. Out-of-NetworkYour cost will depend on what tier level your prescription drug is considered:

    Tier Level In-Network* (30-day supply)

    Out-of-Network (30-day supply)

    Level 1: Preferred $5 copay $12 copay

    Level 2: Multi-Source Preferred $10 copay $27 copay

    Level 3: Single Source Select $35 copay or 20% of cost, whichever is greater

    $45 copay or 25% of cost, whichever is greater

    Level 3s: Specialty 33% of acquisition cost Not applicable

    Level 4: Non-Preferred Select $50 or 40% of cost, whichever is greater

    $75 or 50% of cost, whichever is greater

    Level 5: Not Covered 100% 100%

    *A 90-day supply is available for select Tier 1 and Tier 2 medications for the equivalent of two copayments. This applies to the in-network option only.

    If you have any questions about the prescription drug benefits, please contact one of the in-house pharmacies at the numbers noted in the call-out box. You may also contact the ProCare Pharmacy Plan directly at 1-800-699-3542. If you are enrolled in the HDHP and have questions regarding your pharmacy benefits, please contact Humana directly at 1-800-601-5031.

    Using the In-Network OptionThe in-network option offers the greatest cost savings to you and your family members when you

    fill your prescriptions at one of the two on-site pharmacies:

    The Medical Center Outpatient Pharmacy

    710 Center Street, 2nd FloorTelephone: 706.571.1992Hours: Monday Friday,

    7:00am to 6:00pm; Saturday & Sunday, 1:00pm to 5:00pm

    Family Health Pharmacy (Family Practice Building)

    1800 10th AvenueTelephone: 706.571.1995Hours: Monday Friday,

    9:00am to 5:30pm

    Using the Out-of-Network Option

    If you dont use the on-site pharmacies outlined above,

    you and your family members may get prescriptions filled at a

    participating retail pharmacy a national network of pharmacies

    including our local Columbus Regional retail pharmacies. A list of participating retail

    pharmacies is available from ProCare. When you do, your

    copayments are based on the same six-tier structure used in the

    in-network option.


    Are You A Good Health Care Consumer?

    Usually we think being a good consumer means being a savvy shopper when it comes to everyday goods and services like buying groceries, clothing, household items and major appliances. We are especially conscious consumers when it comes to buying a new car or a house. We want the best product for the lowest cost.

    So why should it be any different when shopping for health care services? As a smart shopper, we ask questions before we buy and we should be doing the same when it comes to our health since our life could depend on it.

    Now its more important than ever to take an active role in managing your health, and becoming a good health care consumer is key to ensure you get the best care at the best coverage level.

    Here are some tips on how you can become a better health care consumer:

    Talk with your physician about treatment options maybe there are lower-cost alternatives that are safe and effective.

    Be sure to ask your physician if a necessary test or treatment will be done by a provider who is in the Columbus Regional Health Plan Network. Using network providers will give you the best coverage. Remember, if you are in the HMO or HDHP, you must use a network provider in order for care to be covered.

    Know when to use an urgent care facility rather than the emergency room. Care in an urgent care facility costs less than care in the emergency department. Urgent care facilities are staffed with highly qualified physicians, are equipped to handle non-emergency care for minor injuries and illnesses such as sprains, cuts, broken bones, and infections, and many offer diagnostic testing such as x-rays.

    Get your prescriptions filled at one of the two on-site Columbus Regional pharmacies to receive the in-network level of coverage. Plus, when y