physical sketching (sketching vs prototyping with beatbearing design example)

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A presentation on physical sketching, with examples from the BeatBearing design process. Includes physical sketching for musical instrument activity at the end.


  • 1. physical sketching Peter Bennett

2. why sketch? Documentation Reection Communication 3. (new) knowledge representation 4. physical sketching Allows role-play and interaction. Gives feedback that isnt possible from a drawn sketch. Allows greater exploration of the style of interaction. 5. prototyping vs. sketchingprototypingsketching 6. problems with nished-ness 7. problems with nished-ness 8. rendering interaction technology form (not sketch) 9. BeatBearing Design Process 10. initial sketches 11. further sketches 12. logbook 13. 1st physical sketch (clay) 14. 2nd sketch 15. alternative 16. comparison 17. video 18. improve particular feature 19. visualisation (just about a sketch) 20. CAD design (not sketch) 21. manufacture 22. in position 23. non-interactive mock-up (back to sketching) 24. (almost) fully working prototype 25. copper tracks instead of washers (sketch) 26. full size (prototype) 27. current version 28. materials 29. 10 minutes - sketch 2 individual ideas (from idea generator) 5 minutes - show both ideas to group. 15 minutes - pick favourite idea and develop. 15 minutes - about 3 minutes per group to show nal sketch. 30. Idea Generator Context Sound User/Player Wildcard1 gigloud very young snow2 underwater soft very old invisible3home studio rhythmic musically skilled ancient4 on a beach melodious musically unskilled ashlight5sonic lab harshyourselfdanger6 public transport pleasant teacherinconvenience