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  • PHYSIOGNOMY Face Reading
  • Introduction Physiognomy - An ancient art & a modern scientific study of judging human character by facial features of face or form of body. Physiognomy is also referred to as Face Reading, Personology and Characterology that gives us an understanding of humanity and human nature. Internal Qualities shows external signs Mans Brain Cranial Nerves Face Muscles Features & Expressions Face Reading
  • History Physiognomy originated in Greek culture and now since 5,000 years has developed both in eastern and western culture. In ancient India Physiognomy was called "Mukha Lakshana Shastra". i.e science of reading the face. Earlier face reading was done on the basis of animal face that suits the human face. Johann Kasper Lavator is considered as the father of physiognomy. Aristotle, Socrates, Plato and other propagated it far and wide.
  • Utility & Futility UTILITY One can achieve greater success in life through Face Reading Improved relations with Friends and Acquaintances Encouragement & Improvement Improved relations with Business Connections Trustworthy & Decision making Improved relations among Family Members Affection & Reliance
  • Utility & Futility FUTILITY Face Reading will be difficult on face marred by accident or disease. Various features of the face represents various character of a person. Lack of proper knowledge may put our study of faces out of tune and wrongly interpreted. With knowledge of Face Reading one may become choosy with selection of people or a loner .
  • Expressions & Features FEATURES EXPRESSIONS They are by-play of muscular activity Wrinkles on face Lines on Forehead There are over 2,000 facial features Movement of Eyebrows Smiling Frowning Crying Staring Frustration Irritation And many more.. Eyes character Nose ambition & courage Lips communication, love & affection Ears leadership Forehead -learning style & knowledge Chin - ethics Cheeks - happiness
  • Face Reading Technique TWO WAY TECHNIQUE Process B L I S Analysis S E F I
  • Face Reading Technique I Process 4 Levels B L I S First Level Analysis Broad Features Shape of the Face, Forehead, Eyes, Nose, Lips & Ears Second Level Analysis Land Mark Features Eyebrows, Chin, Hair Line
  • Face Reading Technique I Process 4 Levels B L I S Third Level Analysis Indepth Features Nostrils, Eye Retina, Lines on face Fourth Level Analysis Slim Features Moles, Profile, Quality of Hair
  • Face Appeal Face is the mirror of ones mind The outline of the face should be analytically observed Outline of the face denotes their temperament There are six types of face outline viz. Oval, Broad, Thin & Long, Round, Square, Pear Shaped
  • Face Appeal OVAL FACE Enhances Beauty in woman Signifies refined tendency in man Friendly and Loving Strong Individuality BROAD FACE Force Lacks driving Broadness of mind & Steadiness Tolerant and Benevolent Forgive & Forget Policy Laugh more-worry less
  • Face Appeal LONG & THIN FACE Tolerant Stubborn Hopeful Harworking ROUND FACE Jovial & Humorous Confident & Optimistic Enthusiastic Kind & Easy living formula
  • Face Appeal SQUARE FACE Determination Action and Speed Go-getter Achiever PEAR-SHAPED FACE Intellectual Creativity Artistic Brilliance Sensitive and compassionate Authors, Artists, Fine Arts
  • Eyes & Emotions Eyes are the windows of ones heart They radiate qualities such as love, amusement, sympathy & character Eyebrows also plays a major role in the process of face reading There are six main types of eyes and eyebrows
  • Eyebrows High Eyebrows - Superiority complex - Well Mannered Far off Eyebrows - Broad Mindedness - Easy-going & friendly Low Eyebrows - Friendly & Popular - Comfortable Joined Eyebrows - Vigilant & Alert - Critical Arched Eyebrows - Exaggerated - Loves surprises Thick Eyebrows - Practical & Realistic - Independent
  • Eyes DOWNWARD SLOPING EYES Fault Finders & Nagging Behaviour Good Assessor Critical by Nature Believes in judging one integrity through faults UPWARD TILTED EYES Easy to go with Non Critical Clear & Straightforward Believes that All learn from mistakes
  • Eyes SPARKLING EYES Fun-Living and Enthusiastic Source of Inspiration Benevolent Influences Believes that Life is full of happiness and joyful color PLAIN EYES Apprehensive and worried Always Uncomfortable Difficult to lead a normal life Believes Life is hazardous to live
  • Eyes LARGE IRIS EYES Can hardly hide their affections and emotions Loves to spread happiness all around Believes in Giving Smiles and Receiving Smiles SMALL IRIS EYES Hidden Emotions & Insensitive Reserved and Self-Centered Believes that Display of emotion is waste of time
  • Nose makes the Man Physical Construction of the nose shows essential personality of a person Structure of Nose in a face depends on its shape, thickness & placement There are more than 30 types of nose that signifies different characteristics
  • Nose makes the man Eagle Nose - Prone to Cruelty - Emotionless Personality Nose - Strong - Imposing Royal Nose - Independence - Imagination Artistic Nose - Artistic Temperament - Signifies originality
  • Nose makes the man Simple Nose - Un-impressive - Simple but not noticeable Downward Pointing Nose - Harsh & Rough - Selfish & Mean Short Nose - No Risk Taking - May not keep wealth Plump Nose - Wordly Health - Possessor of materialistic & spiritualistic wealth
  • Nose makes the man Good Nose - Inferiority Complex - Suitable individuality Feminine Nose - Strong Character - Great Will Power Pointed Nose - Good Personality - Good Imitator Manly Nose -Strong Character -Observing
  • Nose makes the man Sportman Nose - Self reliance - Excels in the field of art Matured Nose - Attractive - Well Formed character Childish Nose - Inconsistency - Negative
  • Lips have Language Lips are expressive and appealing Communication, determination and friendliness can be devised from the position, structure and movement of lips Smiles, Assertions, Twists and turns of the lips carries forward ones thought and imagination
  • Lips have Language Complacent Lips -Satisfied - Self made Trusting Lips - Trustoworthy - Warm & Kind Extrovert Lips - Open Minded - Passionate Generous Lips - Helping nature - Broad minded Showing Lips - Impatience - Disrespectful Friendly Lips - Sympathetic - Responsive
  • Lips have Language Professional Lips -Experienced -Tolerance Noticeable Lips - Attractive Normal Lips - Ordinary Experienced Lips - Joyful - Experinced Prominent Lips - Successful - Commanding Thoughtful Lips - Observing - Reserved
  • Lips have Language Good Natured Lips - Simplicity - Likeable Nature Positive Lips - Ambitious - Acheiver Pressed Lips - Abruptness - Self seeking nature Drooping Lips - Gloomy - Lethargic
  • Ears are effective Ears denotes ones control and power of management of life and self It is believed that the top of the ear should be inline with the eye corner Even the earlobes helps us to analyze ones tenacity of life
  • Ears are effective Round Ears -Materialistic -Showy Squarish Ears -Acheiver Haired Ears -Strong -Self Confidence Pointed Earlobe Ears -Obstinate Small In-circle ears -Co-operative
  • Ears are effective Flat Ears -Good Natured -Family-oriented Thick Earlobes -Good Fortune -Good Relationship Wider Top Ears -Proficient Wider In-circle Ears -Good Administrator -Comprehensive Pointed Ears -Hard worker
  • Face Reading Technique II Analysis 4 ways S E F I Summation Record all the attributes Elimination Delete overlapping traits Fusion Reconcile resultant attributes & traits Investigation Identify the full character of the person distinctively


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