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Two Shot A two shot is where you have 2 people in the shot. Its used to show a relationshi p.

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Different camera shots, definitions and uses.


  • 1. Two ShotA two shot iswhere you have2 people in theshot.Its used to showa relationship.

2. POV ShotSeems to look outfrom thecharacters eyes.Its used to look atthings from otherpeoples point ofview. 3. Close UpA shot taken close up tothe object.Its used to show moreemotion than elsewhere. 4. Extreme Close UpUsed to focus onthe features.They use it toexpress finedetails. 5. High Angle ShotIts when the camerais positioned above acharacter.Its used to makethings look smaller. 6. Low Angle ShotIts when the camerais positioned belowthe character.Its used to makethings look smaller. 7. Mid ShotIts when you see fromtheir waist to theirhead.Its used to zoom in ona character. 8. Long ShotA long shot is fromthe top of their headto the bottom of theirfeet.Its used to show thewhole of the personto gain character. 9. Extreme Long ShotAn extreme long shotgives a scene of aplace or a characterssurroundings.Its used to showwhere the next shotwill take place. 10. Dutch Angle ShotThis is taken on anangle onto straightlines.Its used to make theviewer confused ordazed.