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  • 1.Pineapple Resort BUSINESS PLAN PRESENTATIONYong Park Shaniqa Roane Jared Ross Sakura Shu Chenee Stone Raihan Taleb

2. Organization Chart Chenee Stone General ManagerYong Park Assistant General ManagerSakura Shu Food and Beverage ManagerJared Ross Housekeeping ManagerRaihan Taleb Engineering ManagerShaniqa Roane Front Desk Manager 3. Mission Statement Provide a superior hospitality experience Ensure guests maximum satisfaction Create positive work environment Achieve results to satisfy guests, employees, and investors 4. Executive Summary 250 room hotel Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Exceptional, friendly, and relaxing environment Moderately priced 5. Executive Summary Contd Combined with an in-house restaurant, a hotel shop, quick check-in/check-out, we are currently seeking investment funds to renovate our guest rooms, conference rooms, business services, in-room minibars, and leisure club. With the new amenities we are adding into our hotel, the Pineapple Resort will build the fundamentals of a highly profitable hotel venture. 6. Management Profile Extensive hospitality backgrounds Ensure all aspects of the hotel are managed appropriately Differentiate the type of services offered at our hotel from our competitions Build our reputation and attract frequent business and leisure travelers 7. SWOT Analysis StrengthsOpportunitiesSWOTWeaknessesThreats 8. StrengthsLocation High Tourist Attraction Price Efficient for All Markets Recreational Environment Great Nightlife Ideal Vacation Spot High Staff Moral Law Staff Turnover Ratio 9. WeaknessesSlow Off SeasonMaintenance of Exterior FacilitiesRenovationLow CapitalHigh Renovation Cost 10. OpportunitiesCatered EventsConventionsPackage DealsToursWedding/Events 11. ThreatsExtreme Weather ConcernsCompetition During Peak SeasonCompetition with Franchises 12. Why Franchise? Better training for employees Established business model Increased capital opportunities Low capital overlay Brand Recognition 13. Hilton Hotel & Resorts One of the most recognized name in the industry 92 Years of experience Target business and leisure travelers Meet one of their criteria of locating at the vacation spot Our amenities 14. 1st Mortgage 15. 1st Mortgage Hotel Shop Leisure Club Other ExpensesMini-Bar Business ServiceConference Room Rooms1% 2% 2% 10%16%1% 68% 16. 2nd Mortgage RenovationCapital CostPercentageLeisure Club$838,093.7442%Conference Room Others$501,875.0025%$660,031.2633%Total$2,000,000.00100% 17. 2nd Mortgage Renovation Cost33% 42%25%Leisure Club Conference Room Other 18. Current Strategies After speaking with our guest speakers, we have made many adjustments in terms of our strategies for the current year. Analysis Our Numbers Understanding Our Revenue Focus on Staff and Guest Satisfaction Focus on Marketing Direct Sales Force Business Press Room Rate Adjustment to Fit Off-Peak Seasons Increase Conference Room Rate Per Guest 19. Hotel Reflection Year One 20% Occupancy Revenue- avg. $250,000/Month Gross Operating Profit 11.88% REVPAR $27.18 Current 40% Occupancy Revenue-avg. $600,000/Month High Staff Satisfaction Gross Operating Profit 50% REVPAR $41.67 20. Last Years Financial Q1 Room Sales Food Revenue$112,983.00Beverage Revenue Other Sales Total Revenue$ $55,561.00Q3$ 645,115.00 $ 1,139,172.00368,105.00$Q2$102,897.00Q4$ $ 745,225.00 $ $ 401,753.00 $131,656.007,959.00$ 15,139.00$ 19,747.00$ 544,608.00$ 1,902,323.00$ 1,298,381.00492,465.00 184,603.00 $$75,987.00 11,432.00$ 764,487.00 21. Last Years Revenue Q2 RevenueQ1 Revenue5% 1%1% 10%21% 68%Rooms Food Beverage Other34%60%Q3 RevenueRooms Food Beverage OtherQ4 Revenue2%10% 2%10%31%57%Rooms Food Beverage Other24% 64%Rooms Food Beverage Others 22. Current Year Hotel Status Based on Room Occupancy Percentage 70%60%Percent Occupancy50%40%30%20%10%0%Starting PpintQ1Q2Q3Hotel California0%18%35%37%Hotel Wisteria0%20%49%65%BOSS Hotel Group0%26%57%61%Grove at Georgetown0%22%42%46%Pineapple Resort0%26%38%41%Carpe Diem0%23%44%57% 23. Current Year Hotel Status Based on Income After Taxes 1500000Income After Taxes1000000 500000 0 -500000 -1000000 -1500000Last YearQ1Q2Q3Hotel California0$(208,235.00)$318,277.00$259,174.00Hotel Wisteria0$(478,080.00)$709,285.00$852,503.00BOSS Hotel Group0$(225,612.00)$474,417.00$1,036,797.00Grove at Georgetown0$(187,465.00)$737,280.00$683,162.00Pineapple Resort0$(104,364.00)$651,522.00$722,820.00Carpe Diem0$(1,286,794.00)$638,906.00$713,633.00 24. Team Reflection Up & Down Experience Success= Team Effort What Weve Learned Communicate Effectively Be Open-Minded Be Creative Take Chances Make Educated Decisions Voice Your Opinion Have Fun Adjust Accordingly Use Work Experience 25. Sources HOTS Scorecard HOTS Online Financial Statements Official Hilton Worldwide Website HOTS Online Handbook