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Pink- Stupid girls Comprises of a narrative throughout the entire video, without the use of performance or routines, similar to our own ideas.

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Music video analysis


  • 1. Pink- Stupid girls Comprises of a narrative throughout the entire video, without the use of performance or routines, similar to our own ideas.

2. The video begins with a young girl watching television (NOTION OF LOOKING. A.Goodwin) where animations of an angel and devil appear, the angel persuading her not to follow the crowd and be a stupid girl and the devil arguing the opposite. Instantly this introduces a serious topic, but the use of animations puts a more mocking interpretation on the issue. This use of effects is something recognisable in other videos of the genre, such as Smash Mouths. The notion of looking is subtly reminded throughout the video as cuts between shots is aided with a transition thats similar to that fuzzy effect when changing TV channels. Theres also something about the use of a child that helps to strengthen the message within the lyrics, perhaps because children have connotations of naivety and our instinct is to protect them. Its also much cuter to watch than a teenage girl, improving the concept of video while making it more entertaining to watch. This use of age and the effect it has on the audience is something to think about in our own music video. The video ends on a similar shot before the girl choses the football over her dolls creating a full circle/closed narrative. Again something to think about as works well. 3. Use of saturation is also used to consolidate the message being given- that girls who stand up for themselves and show intelligence are less popular and less socially excepted, where as those who are interested in boys and impressing them with a lack of clothes and makeup and more accepted. This is reflected in the saturation of the shot as the first is less saturated with a grey tone, and the second is vibrant in colour. 4. Deals with serious issues. Cross cuts between different scenes of stupidity. Shots like these play on typical stereotypes of rich, stupid girls such as the female celeb with her chiwawa, fake tan, and even serious issues like bulimia and costmetic surgery. The relationship between lyrics and visuals is strong, as the visuals are being used to illustrate the message of the snog. By using these stereotypes the visuals are able to not only illustrate but amplify them as most will acknowledge the stereotypes. Each stereotype is pushed to an extreme which creates humour, making serious issues easier to watch for the intended audience which is presumably young/teenage girls, although it could resonate with anyone. Despite the funny side to inflating boobs and bright orange skin it still succeeds in making its point- that behaving like this is unnecessary and its okay to be yourself, even if that makes you different. 5. The video also follows another of Goodwins conventions by dealing with the idea of voyeurism, although arguably from an unusual view point as its a female making fun of the fact that males are shallow when it comes to looks. The order of shots in this scene shows a young, physically attractive girl, followed by a shot of a couple. Through an eyeline match we know the male half of the couple is looking towards the other attractive girl. The medium shot shows enough detail to see other woman is looking towards her date in dismay, so she proceeds to pull a tag that inflates her bra. This again is a comical element which links to the idea of safety jackets on a plane with the pull in case of emergency tag, but the result is that her date then looks towards her in the same way he looked at the younger girl, almost impressed. The whole sequence sets the male up to look shallow, and is essentially the artists way of saying this is what boys are like, and the fact she tries to impress him in such an exaggerated way mocks this and suggests we shouldnt try to impress people for attention. Again this well framed shot shows a similar situation where the fitness instructor pays the slimmer girl with less clothing on more attention, and leaves P!nk to feel she has to take her t-shirt off in order to gain his attention.