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Piqora's CEO, Sharad Verma discusses the shift to an image based web, and shares data driven insights on visual, interest-based networks Pinterest and Instagram.


  • 1. THE COMPLETE MARKETING SUITE FOR VISUAL NETWORKSSMX Social Media Las Vegas, Nov 21, 2013 Sharad Verma CEO/Co-founder, Piqora @heysharad on Twitter

2. Consumer Shift: Text WebSelf SelectedVisual Web Social-Visual Streams notWeb Pages 3. The Visual Web Social NetworksNiche Visual NetworksE-Commerce Networks WaneloHouzzMobile Photo NetworksFancy 4. VISUAL NETWORKS VS. FACEBOOKInterest GraphSocial GraphPublicClosedHighly ViralNot-ViralOrganicBrand DrivenEvergreen ContentEphemeral ContentInter-ConnectedPersonal RelationshipsVs 5. VISUAL NETWORKS: SIZE & ENGAGEMENT70M+ Users 30M+ MAUs $0.78 Rev/Pin $169 AOV 90% Organic pinning150M+ Users225M Monthly visits16B+ Photos118M+ Blogs1B+ Likes53B+ Posts257+ mins/month80M+ Posts per day 91%+ Of Reblogged/Blogs 18 Mins/visit 6. PINTEREST IS THE GOOGLE OF VISUAL WEB10 Repins78 in Sales2 Visits & 6 PageviewsOn average a Pinterest Pin generated more than 10 RepinsOn average a Pinterest Pin generated more than 78 cents in sales. This is up by 25% from Q4 12On average a pin drove 2 Visits & 6 Pageviews *Study of sample customers since Feb, 2012 7. 82% JUMP IN REPINS FOR RICH PIN BRANDSINCREASE IN REPIN/PIN 250%200%150%100%50%0% 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18-50%Study of a sample of retailers 3 months before and after rich pins launch in May, 2013 8. 50% OF VISITS HAPPEN AFTER 3.5 MONTHS OF FIRST PINNING CUMULATIVE VISITS/PAGEVIEWS FROM SITES OLDEST PINS 100.00% 90.00% 80.00%Percentage70.00% 60.00%%visits50.00%%pageviews40.00% 30.00%Visit Half life = 3.5 months20.00% 10.00% 0.00% 0100200300400# of days since original post500600700 9. 50% OF THE ORDERS HAPPEN AFTER 2.5 MONTHS OF PINNINGCUMULATIVE REVENUE/ORDERS FROM SITES OLDEST PINS 100.00% 90.00% 80.00%Percentage70.00%%orders60.00%%revenue50.00% 40.00% 30.00% 20.00% 10.00% 0.00% 0100200300400# of days since original post500600700Order Half life = 2.5 months 10. HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE FOR PINTEREST?Implement Pin-It button on your websiteHandle out-ofstock gracefullyOn-hover Pin-it ButtonImplement Rich PinsPin-it Above the FoldAsk visitors to follow you on Pinterest Pin-it button on your mobile siteMerchandize Trending Pins 11. A LARGE JEWELRY BRAND GENERATED 34% OF ORDERS THROUGH BOARD PINSKept their boards fresh with in-stock products How did they do it?Added a healthy mix of product pins that lead to their product pagesUsed good pin descriptions to drive SEO 12. HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR PROFILE ON PINTEREST?Pin often through out the dayMake sure pins point to the product pageKeep your boards fresh with new pinsPin your most clicked PinsCreate new Boards Use keywords from GA to select Board TopicsFull Pin DescriptionsConvert Site Pinners into Followers by engaging with their content 13. TOP 5Recommendations 14. 01 VISUALLY MERCHANDIZE YOUR WEBSITE WITH TRENDING PINS Immersive, Discovery Experience Provide a visual discovery experience around highly relevant and socially trending products 15. 02 CONNECT WITH PINNERS VIA EMAIL3000 Pins16%Higher CTR67%Higher Open Rate 16. 03PinnersandRepinnersengagedindierent/me intervalsforHomeDecor 600000 500000 400000 300000PICK THE BEST200000TIME TO PIN100000 0#ofRepinners #ofPinners 17. 04 BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY VIA SELECTIVE, SEASONAL AND AUTHENTIC CONTESTS 1,400ParticipantsPer Promotion Average Stats3.34Pins Per participant6,000+Pins & Repins475KPotential Reach2 MillionPotential Impressions 18. 05 PRODUCT PINS TURN PINNERS INTO SHOPPERSHigher CTRHigher VisitbilitySearch VisibilityPrice Alerts 19. A STUDY OF 150,000 INSTAGRAM POSTS FROM 200 BRANDSWhat opportunities exist?What is the role of hashtags in post discoverability?How many posts are brands doing daily?How are brands hashtagging the posts?How do likes correlate with hashtags? 20. LIKES SEEM TO INCREASE WITH # OF HASHTAGS % LIKES PER 100 POSTS 35% 30%% of Likes25% 20%Lower confidence due to sparse data after 8 hashtags15% 10% 5% 0% 0123456-1010-30# of HashtagsHashtags amplify context, discoverability & social engagement 21. HASHTAG USAGE IS UPSIDE DOWN: MISSED OPPORTUNITIES HASHTAG USAGE FREQUENCY 35% 30%% of Posts25% 20% % Frequency15% 10% 5% 0% 0123456-1010-2020-30# of Hashtags~30%of posts have no hashtags~65%of posts have 7 HASHTAGS MIGHT SEEM SPAMMY AND DIMINISH LIKES % LIKES PER 100 POSTS IN DIFF NUM_HASTAGS 25%% of Likes20%15%Lower confidence due to sparse data after 8 hashtags10%5%0% 01234# of Hashtags56789 23. ROI OF INCREMENTAL HASHTAGS % INCREASE IN LIKES WITH EACH NEW HASHTAG 120%% of Increase in Likes100%80%60%40%20%0%0 to 11 to 22 to 33 to 4# of Hashtags>100% jump in # of likes even from just 2 to 3 Hashtags4 to 5 24. MASTERY ON VISUAL NETWORKSMeasure ROIPost oftenUse HashtagsRe-publish UGC contentRun Contests & SweepstakesRun email marketing campaigns Turn your Advocates into FollowersIdentify your Influencers 25. @piqoraontwiCer Kelly@Tribe2point0(PinterestExpert) 26. sharad@piqora.comThank You