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Social media accounts for 27% of all time spent online, so to say that they are an effective marketing resource would be an understatement. Furthermore, pictures obtain far more interaction than posts with simple text. The combination of these two resources make Pinterest and Instagram valuable assets to multifamily professionals to connect with consumers. Erica Campbell Byrum, real estate social media expert, explains the best practices of using these social sites for growing your real estate business. This presentation was given at the Apartment Internet Marketing Conference (#AIMConf) on May 5, 2014 by Erica Campbell Byrum, Director of Social Media for &


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2. CREATIVE WAYS TO VISUALLY 10 TELL YOUR STORY 3. THE PIN CYCLE How a pin meets new people 4. Sources: Nielsen, Nirogram, Experian, and Emarketer 5. Sold within 6 days of being on Pinterest!! 6. 1. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT People will jump behind a cause before they support a brand. 7. 2. CREATE A SENSE OF FAMILY 8. 3. LIFESTYLE IMPROVEMENT 9. 4. BEHIND THE SCENES 10. 5. CUSTOMERS FAVORITE THINGS 11. 6. LOCAL 12. Seasonal Boards Home Dcor Recipes DIY Projects Moving Tips Small Spaces Organization Going Green Gift Ideas Pets 7. APARTMENT LIFE TIPS 13. 8. RESIDENT EVENTS 14. 9. MARKETING/LEASING IDEAS 15. 10. MODEL STAGING IDEAS 16. THINKING OUT OF THE BOX 17. Source: Pinerly Study 18. VERIFY YOUR WEBSITE 19. PINTEREST ANALYTICS Track how many people are Pinning from your website, seeing your Pins, and clicking your content 20. ADD THE PIN IT BUTTON 21. PRODUCT PINS Includes real time pricing, availability & Pinners also get notifications when product Pins theyve added drop in price 22. PLACE PINS Include a map, address, & phone number 23. GUIDED SEARCH 24. TOP PINNED PRODUCTS Showcase popular Pins right on your site 25. TAP INTO TOP INFLUENCERS 26. INFOGRAPHICS 27. UPGRADE YOUR PAST POSTS BEFORE AFTERAdd CTAs 28. If you could have the room of your dreams, what would it be? How would it look? How would it feel? 1 winner 10 items selected to purchase for 10 lucky participants from their Dcor by Me Pinterest Boards. 29. PINTEREST TIPS Pinterest is for engaging & creating the ideal lifestyle Evoke Pinspirationwith your pins Pin it & they will come Pin images with minimal text unless its an intentional copy heavy message (ex: ecards or quotes) Add the Pin It button to your site & blog Use the Top PinsAPI to showcase popular Pins right on your site Create pins around seasonal events & holidays to attract Pinners looking for specific content Use words like: apartment, apartment in {city}, perfect space, for the home, home dcor Include hashtags for search Use analytics to track whats popular 30. PINTEREST TIPS Download the FREE Pinterest White Paper 31. CREATIVE WAYS TO VISUALLY 10 TELL YOUR STORY 32. Source: Instagram 33. BEFORE AFTER 34. Source: Instagram, Nielsen, Nirogram, Experian, and Emarketer 35. 1. CROSS PROMOTE Increase follower growth by cross- promoting to other social accounts 36. 1. CROSS PROMOTE 37. 2. FLOORPLANS & SPECIALS 38. 3. EVENTS & PERKS 39. 3. EVENTS & PERKS 40. 4. LIFESTYLE Emulate other Instagram users posting about your category 41. 4. LIFESTYLE People love food & animals 42. 4. LIFESTYLE Dont forget video 43. 5. HAPPY RESIDENTS 44. 6. BEHIND THE SCENES 45. 7. CREATE A SENSE OF FAMILY 46. 8. FEATURES & AMENITIES 47. 9. SNEAK PEEK 48. 10. LOCAL Position yourself as the local expert 49. THINKING OUT OF THE BOX 50. ADD RELEVANT HASHTAGS Source: Piqora 51. ADD RELEVANT HASHTAGS Source: Piqora 52. See what hashtags & content are trending 53. HOST AN INSTAMEET EVENT Image: Brian Anthony Hernandez/Mashable 54. HOST AN INSTAMEET EVENT Go to & find an InstaMeet meeting going on in your city or start your own Meet at a bar, park or at your property to network, discuss your favorite filters & photo techniques Snap photos of your property through an organized Photowalk Organize a photo scavenger hunt throughout the city or property 55. ICONOSQUARE 56. Instagram analytics 57. INSTAGRAM FEED Allows you to showcase Instagram content on your website 58. Centralize your social media & blogs 59. CONTESTS Crowdsource content from employees & residents 60. CROWDSOURCE ADS Repurpose consumer generated contest photos for Facebook Ads 61. INFOGRAPHICS Break down the Infographics into smaller parts 62. SPONSORED ADS Coming soon! 63. PHOTO EDITING APPS Piktochart (Infographics) PicMonkey (Text) Picframe (Multiple photos) Phonto (Text) Flipagram (Photo videos) Rhonna Designs (Text/Designs) 64. INSTAGRAM TIPS Start sharing photos of floor plans & models Use filters & minimal text in images Add an Instagram button on website Take close-up shots of key features & amenities Increase follower growth by cross-promoting to other social accounts Use collages cautiously images should not be too small where they are difficult to see Crowdsource photos through contests Use Iconosquare to track metrics Use hashtags in comments #YourBrand#Apartments#Apartment #ApartmentDecor#Home 65. @AptsForRent +AptsForRent /AptsForRent /AptsForRent /AptsForRent Erica Campbell Byrum Director of Social Media &