pinterest for business: 7 tips for corporates on how to get the most out of pinterest

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Clear guidance on how to maximise your company's impact on Pinterest. How best to pin? What to pin? Specific focus on Pinterest for professional services, legal services and corporate content. Social Media Content for Corporates | Social Media training | Social media outsourcing Formative:


  • 1.Corporate Social Media: Content marketing on Pinterest July 2014 Author: Gay Flashman

2. Pinterest: popular for sharing 3rd most popular means of sharing content (surpassing email) 3. Pinterest: popular for sharing Pinterest now drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined 4. Pinterest: popular for sharing 58% user growth in 2013 (faster than Facebook) 5. Thought Leadership On the Pinterest site of PWC youll find information on cyber security, reports on retail trends and more of its corporate insight displayed both as reports (with links) or as infographics. 6. The human side of your business Pinterest is a softerplatform for staff (or comms teams) to publicise what they love about an organisation and to showcase events. Ernst & Young has focused on this on its boards, as well as a swathe of high quality, infographic content. 7. Corporate reputation Ernst & Young - as well as the great place to work vibe, and the thought leadership approach is promoting its work in the community and corporate social responsibility commitment. 8. Insights Some companies use Pinterest for the curation of thematic insight around a broad or narrow - theme. Also popular are powerful quotes, such as this meme on a board by the World Economic Forum. 9. B2B product case study/showcase There are many B2B companies showcasing their portfolios of work on Pinterest. This one is from PCF Australia, showing its work with the Commonwealth Bank Australia. 10. Behind the Scenes revealed Many people are interested in what happens behind the scenes of a company. This type of content enables an organisation to create a more authentic reputation for itself. Heres a nice example from Maersk. 11. Idiosyncratic brand stuff For a brand like Microsoft, Pinterest is another great platform to have some fun with its brand. These snippets of everyday corporate life really can bring a brand or corporate alive. 12. FORMATIVE Social Media for Business Strategy Outsourcing Training Contact: [email protected] Website: Tel: +44 20 8133 8846