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  1. 1. PinterestFor Florists
  2. 2. FSN is an advocate for real local florists. We provide the following services just for florists: Online Local Florist Directory Florist-to-Florist Transfer E-commerce Websites Free Marketing Resources E-mail Campaigns Social Media Assistance
  3. 3. Visual selling has becomevery important because ofthe whole boom in retail, asit immediately attracts thecustomer. Vikram Sharma
  4. 4. PinterestPinterest is an photo sharing, social media tool used to create and manage theme-based image collections.It is a visual portfolio you can tailor to your potentialaudience.
  5. 5. Why Pinterest? Its a custom-made visual storyboard orportfolio for your potential audience. More than social media, Pinterest is a socialtool you can use online and in store. Visually show customers what you have done,can do, and also what you want to do.
  6. 6. Whos On Pinterest?21 million active users in the United States alone.82%Female18% MaleDemographics of Pinterest
  7. 7. Pinterest Getting Started Use a separate Business Account for your shop,instead of a personal profile. Choose a profile picture and stick with it. Use your logoor shop photo, something memorable. Fill out your Business Information completely andconsistently, including a verified link to your website. (Mayneed to get help from a webmaster to verify.) Find businesses who do Pinterest well, and follow theirlead.
  8. 8. Pinterest Lingo Pin - An image added to Pinterest. Boards - A board is a collection ofpins. Pinning Adding a Pin to a board. Repinning Pinning an existing pin toa board. Following Refers to followingboards. Pins from these boards show upin your Pinterest home feed. You canExample of a Pinchoose to follow all of a persons boards,or just a select few.
  9. 9. What To Do On Pinterest? Pin great photos.Inspire Make a range of Boards toappeal to all visitorsIf you could build your Use good Pin descriptions with own selection guide,what chapters (boards)keywords.would you use? Use calls-to-action when linkingto your website. (Click to see more ofour Mothers Day selection...) Be Active aim to add new pinsonce a week. (Use mobile app tomake it more convenient.)
  10. 10. What To Do On Pinterest? Always Give Pin pictures of your ownDue Creditarrangements with links back toyour website. Never strip the creditlink from pins, unless Repin pictures of designs you they are wrong andWANT to create from others in the you are correcting them.industry. Use the mobile app to easily uploadyour own photos and pin on the go!
  11. 11. What NOT To Do on PinterestKeep it Dont edit pins that arent yours to link to your website. RelevantKeep the recipes Keep boards organized, dontand beach pictures post a bunch of cookie recipes to to your personalyour red roses board.Pinterest. Dont ignore the descriptions. Using good descriptions with keywords helps get your pins found.
  12. 12. Board Example: Wedding Purple WeddingCountry Wedding Wedding ReceptionPin by color Pin by style - Pin by occasion Group your Group pins based Create boards basedfavorite wedding on different style on wedding weddings, such ascomponents, such ascolors or color Country Wedding, Wedding Bouquet,scheme. Wedding Reception Traditional, Flowers, Wedding Modern, etc. Ceremony Flowers.
  13. 13. Bride Specific Wedding Boards Make a Board ForSpecific Brides Use the board to planand inspire allwedding flowers Invite the bride toadd her own Pinsunder Edit Board.
  14. 14. Board Example: Events & Occasions Pin By Events & Occasions Florist Board IdeasYou can organize boards as simply or specifically as you want, for instance you might have a Sympathy Prom Corsageboard, or you might have it separated into CasketSprays, Sympathy Arrangements, Custom Everyday DesignsTributes, etc. Seasonal Boards Holiday Boards Sympathy Flower Boards Designers Choice Board v New Baby Flowers Board Wedding Boards Gift Ideas BoardCorporate Gift Ideas For The Home Spring Floral Design Birthday Ideas Board
  15. 15. Tips & TricksMake Your Boards Flourish Best Foot Forward Move your best boards to the top. Keep It Fresh Move current holiday/seasonal boards to the top. Tempting Board Covers Edit Board Covers strategically to make them look their best throughout the year.
  16. 16. Pinterest - Followers Concentrate on local followers; they are more likely tobecome customers. Inviting Invite friends, family and staff to follow yourboards. You can also find followers by G-mail, Yahoo,Facebook and by E-mail. Following Others Follow profiles of authority in yourindustry. (Many websites have a Follow Us On Pinterestlink.) Use Keywords Use keywords in descriptions whenposting your own work, especially your shops name andlocation. They will help you get found locally.
  17. 17. Pinterest Whos WhoTCU Florist, Fort Worth Flowers & More,Prescott Morning Flowers, Princeton Shop Network,
  18. 18. Pinterest - ResourcesPinterest Basics Is Pinterest & How Can It Work For Florists?
  19. 19. Questions? Jamie Jamison Adams SEO/Inbound [email protected]