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Pinterest is a content sharing service that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other objects to their pinboard. It is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love. Users can create and manage themes-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. I have in my board's images of coffee, home offices, virtual assistant stuff among others. Because I am somewhat of a visual learner, I am personally enjoying Pinterest.


  • BasicPinterestTutorial
  • How To UsePinterestA Basic
  • What is Pinterest?
  • www.thevirtualsage.comPinterestis a sort of digital board
  • www.thevirtualsage.comor simplya virtual pinboard
  • www.thevirtualsage.comIt is aboutcollecting andsharing
  • www.thevirtualsage.comthe different interesting things youfind on the webthe differentinteresting thingsyou find on the web
  • Getting Started
  • Go to
  • Enter username, emailand passwordVA
  • Click Create AccountVA
  • Create your first boardpage will
  • Select a boardthat interests
  • Click Create Boardof your
  • Wait while its still
  • The Follow boardpage will appear
  • Choose one topicthat you
  • click Follow button of 5boards that you
  • All circles will turn red whenyou are done choosing 5
  • Click Next afterchoosing your 5
  • You will then be redirectedto the Pinterest
  • You will see a confirm your email tabon top of the Pinterest
  • Click tab toconfirm email
  • Check your emails inbox andClick to confirm email
  • Click Confirm Emailto complete the
  • You will be redirected to the PinterestHomepage when the Sign up process is
  • Profile & Privacy SettingsNote that the information onyour profile page is public. Becautious about sharing toomuch personal
  • To modify yourpersonalandprivacy
  • Click the profile icon in thetop-right corner of the
  • Profile page will
  • Click Edit Profile
  • Profile Setting pagewill appeartop part ofthe
  • You can modify your public profile:username, location and bio.Profile picture will beimported automatically fromfacebook or twitterYou can upload adifferent pictureif you
  • Modify privacy settingsaccording to your preferenceBottom part ofthe
  • Click Save Profileto confirm
  • Privacy settings are now saved.Updated profile page will
  • Finding and Inviting FriendsPinterest is a way morethan just saving pins ofyour own. Its also aboutsharing and interactingwith people you
  • To Find and InviteFacebook
  • Hover the mouse over theprofile icon then click Find
  • The Find Friends pagewill
  • Type a friends
  • Click
  • Send a Messagedialogue box will
  • Type your
  • To invite Friendsvia
  • Hover the mouse over the profileicon then click Find
  • The Find Friends pagewill
  • Click Email in theleft-navigation
  • This will
  • Enter the email address ofthe person you want to
  • Click Send Invites
  • Invite sent
  • Pinterest can alsofind your friendsthrough Gmailand Yahoo!
  • Just connect it toPinterest,and you are good togo!
  • To Search For FriendsYou can look for people youknow on Pinterest by usingthe search
  • The Search Bar in theupper-left
  • Type the name of the personyou want to find then click
  • By default, Pinterest will search for pinsthat match your search
  • Click Pinners to show only usersin your search
  • Any users who match yoursearch will
  • Click Follow to startfollowing a users
  • Creating a PinboardA board can be createdon any
  • such asLatest Styles,Healthy