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Opening Up the School Gates www.modlms.somee.com

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Opening Up the School Gates


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About 500, 000 of 1.7 million qualified applicants are admitted into the 430 tertiary institutions in Nigeria (JAMB, 2014)• Giving a yearly spill over to ever increasing applicant population.• These trends bring congestion to the tertiary institutions in the


Over $1billion has been spent by Nigerian students schooling in the UK and USA alone within 2 years according to PUNCH Newspapers investigations in 2012•Many of these foreign students do not return to the country due to brain drain.•A lot of the wealth is being lost in the process.

Chunks of unemployable graduates are churned out yearly• Learning are not well structured and its measurement can not be

ascertained due to congestion and real estate issues in schools• Education facilitators are not empowered to give best practices in

education delivery

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Source: Word Education News and Report, New York

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With over 70 million active MOBILE internet users in Nigeria, this is what is most searched

since there is not much to do with the INTERNET

Google Search Engine Auto-suggest based on local rate of same search words

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Mobile E-learning Technology To The Rescue

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Learning Management System

A software As A Service (SAAS) Solution – aka Cloud Based

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1.2 Million Currently Admitted In

Tertiary Institutions - NUC

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60% of

168 Million Nigerians are < Less than

24 Years

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About To Deploy Clients

Bowen University

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