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We had recommended suggestions to UNO for removing corruption from our planet.


  • 1. Corruption Free World A draft framework-Recommendation ConceivedDeveloped by: PKS Management Consultants Bangalore Service Tax Regd. No. AYMPS8310HSD001

2. Index Problem statements Our framework - Recommendations Results 3. Problem statements 1. Funds from Multilateral funding agencies are misused. 2. Corruption and mis- governance is root-cause of hunger, poverty, diseases and unemployment in the world. 4. Draft Framework People Process Technology Penalty Rewards Continuous improvement Geo-Political conditions Internal improvement 5. Description of Framework 6. People People of highest level of integrity should be hired for UNO jobs People of highest level of integrity should only be allowed to be involved in projects People whose main aim is to earn salary in $ should be kept out 7. Process All internal processes should be completely transparent. Properly documented processes Accountability clearly defined. Everything should be disclosed on web-sites 8. Process (contd.) Hotline to be provided. Any employee, agency can pick up and contact Very strong whistleblower rule Integrity should be given prominent place in annual appraisal of employees Exemplary punishment for internal employees who indulge in corrupt practices 9. Process (contd.) Surprise visits for projects Surprise audits of projects Audit alone is not sufficient, beyond required Creativity in financial management to be curbed 10. Process (contd.) Systemic corruption to be tackled Collective responsibility defense should be tackled 11. Process (contd.) Reputed NGOs and Individuals of highest integrity should be part of the auditing process Social audit of projects should be done Local population should be roped-in for effective supervision of the work. 12. Process (contd.) A very strong culture and perception should be created internally, that corruption is a BIG NO, and all such practices will be curbed and guilty will not go unpunished, come what may 13. Process (contd.) Holistic approach, all International multilateral funding agencies should share best practices, defaulters list and recommended punitive actions All deviations, funded by any agency should be cumulative 14. Technology More and more use of technology, will bring transparency and efficiency into the system 15. Penalty Corruption in multilateral funded project should be treated as Crime Against Humanity No. of deviations and amount mis-appropriated both should be considered Special courts should be set up for disposal of such cases Time bound trial and appeal period 16. Penalty (contd.) Depending upon the gravity of the corruption, starting from entry level employee to the head of states, should be made accused. For repeated offenders and big amounts, International courts should be set up to dispose off such cases. 17. Penalty (contd.) No future projects or projects of less value Such nefarious activates should have impact on economic, political and cultural ties at international levels 18. Rewards Transparent, quality and efficient work should be rewarded by more projects in the region Employees who help in eradicating corruption should be rewarded 19. Geo Political Conditions Country / region specific special watch Countries going through polls, army rule, insurgency, perceived to be high on corruption etc. should be watched with more rigor Past history of country in project execution to be considered 20. Internal improvement UNO preamble to be amended Removing corruption and mis-governance from world, should be part of preamble Special International body to be formed to tackle menace of corruption and mis- governance 21. Continuous improvement Dedicated expert teams to be formed, who will work round-the-clock to tackle the menace of corruption and mis- governance in funded projects. 22. Resulting in 23. Finally.. celebrating life 24. An artifact of PKS Management Consultants +91 97411 94285 # 9, Site No. 14/15 B, 1st Vivekanda Layout Outer Ring Road, Marathalli Bangalore -560037 Images courtesy: Google, with respective trademarks 25. Thanks!!