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Planning and Writing Assignments for DBS Students

6 Steps to Success!1Understand the AssignmentGetOrganisedConduct the ResearchTake & Make NotesPlan the StructureWrite Reference & ProofreadThe Six Steps to Success

Step One (Understand the Assignment)

Social Care workers are one of several allied helping professionals. Write an essay outlining your knowledge of what social care work is, and what doing social care work involves in contemporary Irish society.

TerminologySynonym/ClarificationOutlineGive the main features of a topicSocial CareSocial care is separate from social workInvolvesRoleContemporaryModern/currentStep Two (Get Organised)

You could be required to work on more than one assignment at the same time, be realistic and give yourself enough time for each.

30 Day Schedule Example

2 Days: Understand and Organise

8 Days: Research

9 Days: Reading

1 Day: Plan

10 Days: Write

Social Care

(Central Theme)Modern/Contemporary IrelandFamily(s)Social care and HealthJuvenilesStep Three (Research - Strategy)What does doing this role entail?/Its featuresThe elderly5SectionTopicSearch Terms2Social care work(ers) social care/work3Social care workers and Irish familiessocial careandfamiliesandIreland4Social care workers and the health systemsocial care



5Social care workers and juveniles in Irelandsocial care



6Social care workers and the elderly in Irelandsocial careandThe elderlyand


Step Three (Research Search Terms)6Step Three (Research Resources)


DiscoverySearch AStep Three (Research Discovery)8Section 5Social care workers and juveniles in Ireland WORDSYNOYM/ALTERNATIVE/FOCUSSocial care workerssocial care/social workerJuvenilesadolescent/teenager/youth/teen/young personIrelandNorthern IrelandStep Three (Research Synonyms/Clarify)These are simple words or symbols that allow us to broaden or narrow our searchesThree words used are and ornot

Boolean OperatorsUse AND in a search to:narrow your resultstellthe database thatALLsearch terms must be present in the resulting recordsexample: cloning AND humans AND ethicsGoogle automatically puts an AND in between your search terms.AND

Use OR in a search to:connect two or more similar concepts (synonyms)broaden your results, telling the database that ANY of your search terms can be present in the resulting recordsexample: cloning OR genetics OR reproduction


Use NOT in a search to:exclude words from your searchnarrow your search, telling the database to ignore concepts that may be implied by your search termsexample: Ireland NOT northern Ireland

NOTThese are used when there are different spellings of the same word.We could use OR to list each spelling of a wordorganisation OR organizationWildcards allow us to use a symbol to replace the different letter(s).In Discovery the symbol ? is used to replace 1 letter. and # is used to replace 0 or 1 letter

organi?ation = organisation/orgainzation behavio#r = behaviour/behavior wom?n = woman or women

WildcardsPhrase searching used to specify that a group of words/phase must be in exact order.purchasing powerTruncation is a technique thatbroadens your searchto includevarious word endings and spellings.To use truncation, enter the root of a word and put the truncation symbol at the end, Discovery uses *Discovery will return results that include any ending of that root word.Examples:child* = child, childs, children, childrens, childhoodgenetic* = genetic, genetics, genetically

Phrases and Truncation DiscoverySearch B-BooleanApplied

juvenile or youth or adolescent or teenager or teen or young personStep Three (Research Discovery)Step Four (Active Reading and Note Taking)You will be primarily sourcing your information from books, articles (PDF) and credible websites. Active reading is taking notes as you read the source in order to understand and evaluate it.

Active Reading and Note TakingOnce notes have been taken and youve decided to incorporate this source into your own work, you need to make sense of the notes.

Gather the notes taken from various sources and compare/contrast them.

At this stage you can add your own interpretation.

Notes will be used as evidence to back up your argument/interpretation.

The most effective way to use others views /ideas to back up your argument is to paraphrase them.

TipOnce downloaded, you can highlight and add notes to PDFs (Paraphrasing A Worked Example)

1. Read the Original2. Take & Make Notes (Paraphrasing A Worked Example)

3. Write in your own Words4. Add in the ReferenceStep Five (Assignment Plan/Blueprint)Structured

Each plan has an introduction & a conclusion SectionsDivide your main ideas into separate headed sections.

ParagraphsWithin sections, give each concept discussed its own paragraph

Step Five (Assignment Plan/Blueprint)

Step Six (Writing)Frist DraftBasically you are trying to provide much more insight into the ideas/theories/viewpoints that you mentioned in the Assignment Plan.

Provide evidence (citations) as you articulate or describe somebody else's ideas (paraphrasing is most effective).

Pay careful attention to the verb instruction that was given in the question.

Begin to write a selected section. Treat each section as a mini essay in itself.

TipWriting the introduction last, means you know whats been discussed Step Six (Writing)Second DraftRefer to your Assignment Plan, have you covered all of the topics listed?

Yes!Confirm your argument follows through logically.Change paragraph/sentence order if required.Ensure all outside ideas/theories/concepts are referenced.

No?Check that you have not gone off topic.Summarise and refer to viewpoints/studies/theories, describe less.

TipIf a sentence seems too long, it probably is too longTipMore citations = more evidence24Step Six (Writing)Edit, Reference & ProofreadEditMake sure the structure adheres to the Assignment Plan.Ensure that you are not repeating the same word (therefore however), use a thesaurus to assist you.Confirm that you have used the appropriate language for your subject and that you used it consistently.

ReferencesCheck that in-text citations have all information required.Compile a Reference List using the proper referencing style.Ensure that each in-text citation has a corresponding reference list entry, and visa-versa.

ProofreadEnsure that all punctuation is correct, save as Word/PDF.

TipKeep your Assignment in cloud based server: DropboxTipUse PDF read out loud function to review finished version The 4 Ss of Good AssignmentSourcesGood quality academic sources used.Lots of sources used.Different viewpoints articulated if possible.SubstanceHas the initial question been answered?Has the assignment been an investigation of the topic, rather then a mere description? Has the stance taken by author been argued effectively?StructureThe assignment should follow in the same structure as the question.Is there an introduction and conclusion.Does one section follow logically to the next.StyleUse the academic language style, never in the first person. Write as a narrator.Use the terminology of the subject area.Write objectively.If possible open and close with a snappy/stylish sentence.

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