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    Platinum Beta Features in SoftNAS Cloud Enterprise 3.7

    Overview SoftNAS Cloud Enterprise (previously known as SoftNAS Cloud NAS) is an integrated global cloud data platform, combining a software-defined enterprise-class NAS virtual storage appliance, high-speed data transfer up to 20x, and data integration/replication allowing IT to manage and control data. Platinum Beta Features allow customers to have an early look at potential future SoftNAS Cloud Platinum features, and provide SoftNAS early feedback on the Beta features.

    Platinum Beta Features

    SoftNAS® UltraFast: High Speed Data Transfer SoftNAS® UltraFast™ provides high speed data transfer, accelerating storage network traffic up to 20x compared to TCP/IP. Unlike WAN acceleration products, SoftNAS UltraFast™ is an intelligent, self- tuning storage acceleration technology, based on UDP, that is designed to address latency, congestion, poor QoS and slow data replication speeds, without redesigning or changing applications, networks or storage. Bandwidth Scheduling enables throughput and bandwidth throttling to regulate network traffic

    and prioritize bandwidth use.

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    Use Case – Extending Premise Storage to the Cloud With SoftNAS® UltraFast™ Beta, storing and retrieving files from remote cloud instances is

    optimized. Data stored remotely can be retrieved quickly and easily, allowing your team to share

    and access files with or from branch offices in remote locations without loss of performance.

    Use Case – On-Premise to Cloud Replication SoftNAS® UltraFast™ Beta allows you to quickly migrate, replicate, or integrate data from any

    source, including legacy systems, and transfer it to any destination, helping you maintain a

    timely replication windows from your on premise data center to any public cloud storage.

    Liberate your network resources during business hours by scheduling when to use UltraFast, or

    when not to use UltraFast.

    SoftNAS® UltraFast™ Documentation

    SoftNAS® UltraFast™ Networking

    SoftNAS® UltraFast™ Common Configuration Steps

    SoftNAS® UltraFast™ Replication from Premise to Public Cloud

    Deploy Source and Target SoftNAS® Cloud ™ with SoftNAS® UltraFast™ Instances

    SoftNAS® UltraFast™ Video Playlist

    SoftNAS® UltraFast™ Video

    SoftNAS® Lift and Shift: Data Migration (powered by Apache NiFi)

    The Lift and Shift feature of our Platinum Beta provides a wizard to configure migration of on-premises file data to the public cloud leveraging the power of Apache Nifi. Point you Lift and Shift configuration to existing NAS, SAN, file server storage volumes on premise, select your public cloud storage target, configure your target volumes/storage and begin moving your file data to the cloud. Lift and Shift will continuously replicate changes from the source to the target until you stop the Lift and Shift flow.

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    Use Case – Datacenter Closure You have decided to close a datacenter, but need to move your data to the cloud. You can use

    Lift and Shift to automate the process of migrating data to the cloud and use continuous sync to

    ensure your cloud replicated data stays in sync until you are ready to shut your datacenter

    infrastructure down.

    SoftNAS® Lift and Shift™ Documentation

    Lift and Shift™ File Migration

    Configuring Ports and Security Groups for Lift and Shift™

    Configuring FlexFiles Settings

    Lift and Shift™ of a Volume from Source to Target

    View Lift and Shift™ Data Flow through NiFi

    SoftNAS® Lift and Shift™ Video Playlist

    Configuring Network Security Group on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Configuring Network Security Group on Azure

    Configuring Network Security Group on VMware

    Configuring the FlexFiles Settings

    Using an External FileServer

    Lift & Shift Advanced Configuration

    Lift & Shift Create Target Storage Wizard

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    NOTE: In order create more then 2 Lift and Shift Flows or 2 volumes within a Lift and Shift, the

    /var/www/softnas/softnas.ini needs to be modified. The “maxFlows” controls the

    number of Lift and Shift Flows allowed to be active. The “maxFlowVolumes” controls

    the number of volumes that can be configured within a Lift and Shift Flow.

    SoftNAS® FlexFiles Many to One NiFi Dataflow Template: Quick start to moving data from many sites to one central site Platinum Beta Features also includes a “Many to One” NiFi Dataflow Template. NiFi Dataflow Templates are generic NiFi dataflows that can be reconfigured and extended to meet your configuration and requirements. The “Many to One” template included as part of the Beta and is configured to aggregate data from 2 remote sites to a central location by default, but can be expanded to include more than 2 remote sites. You can import the “Many to One” template into the NiFi User Interface to reconfigure the generic template to match your configuration.

    Use Case Example – Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO)

    Replicate data from remote offices to headquarters for compliance centralization or to provide a

    centralized data point for business analytics.

    Use Case Example – Data Aggregation With many-to-one replication, this Platinum Beta is ideal for consolidating data from remote

    offices or factories to a single location and ensuring a "single source of truth" for centralized


    Use Case Example – Centralized Disaster Recovery Easily replicate data from numerous global locations to a centralized repository providing cloud based continuous data protection (CCDP). SoftNAS UltraFast scheduled bandwidth throttling, and throughput controls eliminate the backup window problem where data is being created faster than it can be backed up.

    Many to One Documentation

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    FlexFiles: Many-To-One Configuration Template

    Many to One Video Playlist

    Configuring Network Security Group on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Configuring Network Security Group on Azure

    Configuring Network Security Groups on VMware

    SoftNAS FlexFiles: FlexFile Settings

    SoftNAS FlexFiles: Lift & Shift Steps 1 - 3

    SoftNAS FlexFiles: Target Node Template Configuration

    SoftNAS FlexFiles: Source Node 1 Template Configuration

    SoftNAS FlexFiles: Source Node 2 Template Configuration

    SoftNAS FlexFiles: Starting a Many to One Configuration

    SoftNAS® FlexFiles One to Many NiFi Dataflow Template: Quick start to moving data from once central site to many remote sites FlexFiles Architect is a key feature of SoftNAS Cloud Platinum. It allows a customer to create their own customized solutions. To help customers get familiar/more comfortable with using FlexFiles

    Architect and NiFi, we need to provide NiFi templates as a helpful starting point to guide the

    customer to the added value of creating custom NiFi solutions to their business problems (we need to make using NiFi more frictionless). The 1 to Many Solution Templates is one of the early solution templates that will be delivered as part of the SoftNAS Cloud Platinum product, and as part of the

    Cloud Platinum Betas.

    The 1 to Many Template is designed to help a customer use FlexFiles architect to build out an

    automated solution to move data created at a central location to many remote locations. The template is a tool to help the customer get moving in the right direction to build such a solution with FlexFiles Architect. The templates will be accompanied by 1 to Many centric documentation and supporting videos to aid the customer.