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INTERNATIOANL PO BOX SOFTWARELogistics has never been so Functional


Why PO Box?PO BOX: Package Consolidation Service2

Why PO Box?3Why people use PO Box companys services?People, who are outside USA & who want to buy any item from USA, will use PO BOX Companys Services for the following reasons:

- Most of US suppliers/ retailers do not ship overseas.- In home country, latest versions are not available.- No friends/Relatives in USA- Expensive

What people buy from USA?

- Mostly electronic goods (Laptops, IPhone, IPad etc.)- Hand bags- Perfumes- Watches- Other gifts items.

PO Box Overview4

PO Box Overview5

Register in PO BOX WebsiteGet US PO BOX AddressBuy Product in US Online ShoppingProduct receive to US PO BOX AddressPO Box people forward your Product through CarrierCarrier will ship your product to your address

6PO Box Workflow

7PO Box WorkflowCustomer visit PO BOX website.STEP 1:

STEP 2: Customer Register at PO BOX Website

8PO Box WorkflowSTEP 4: Customer receives Local (USA) PO Box Company Address with a Unique Suite Number to his/her Personal Email

STEP 3: Customer buy the goods from US Suppliers/retailers via Online Shopping


9PO Box WorkflowProvide PO BOX COMPANY ADDRESS for Shipping Address (while buying from online store)

John Smith 4299 Express LaneSarasota, FL 34238 Phone: 303224

Customer will provide the information of the purchasing at PO Box Company WebsiteSTEP 6: Select the carrier your package DispatchedEnter the Tracking Number of your PackageEnter the STORE name you purchasedEnter the Value of your ProductUpload any Document (Invoice, etc)STEP 5:

10PO Box WorkflowSTEP 8:

US PO Box Company informs to the customer that, goods arrived to PO Box Warehouse.STEP 7:

Customer care People Call the CustomerPO Box Company receives your goods from the US supplier/retailers through US carriers (i.e. DHL, FedEx etc.)

11PO Box WorkflowPO Box Company collect the necessary courier charges from the customer through Credit Card Payment Process

PO Box Company Ship the goods to customer through International carrierSTEP 10:


PO Box Web portal12BoxOn Logistics has two applications one is backend and another one is front end. Backend we call it as BoxOn PO BOX Software and the front end is BoxOn PO BOX web portal. Web portal application is for User interface and the backend is for Business user interface purpose. Customer RegistrationMy AccountMy PurchasesCreate TicketCalculatorDownload Invoice DocumentsDownload & Upload Item imagesLIVE Support or ChatShoppers AssistAdd to CartAdditional userBilling HistoryMembership AccountPO Box Website Features:

What can we do in the BoxOn PO Box Software13

What can we do in the BoxOn PO Box Software14

Receive cargo in the warehouse

What can we do in the BoxOn PO Box Software15

Prepare Cargo Release Create Warehouse Receipts

Create shipments for cargo sent by


AIR SHIPMENTOCEAN SHIPMENTGROUND SHIPMENT What Can You Do in the BoxOn International PO Box Software?

Give customers price quotes for the services you provide such as www.boxonlogistics.comPick up Cargo

Storing it in Warehouse

Shipping Cargo

Perform tasks such as Create InvoicesWay BillsCredit Card PaymentsUpdate Bank ChecksCreate Reports & Receipts www.boxonlogistics.com

2. Features of Softwarewww.boxonlogistics.com

20Features of SoftwareConvert a Quotation to Bill Form & Pick Up OrderConvert a Pickup Order to Bill FormCreate Routing for a ShipmentStep by Step process for Shipment Transaction from Start to endEdit Weight Factor Value by yourselfSet permissions to employees or Agencies in your company based on their job or role


Features of Software21Associate Multiple Bill Forms to one In-House

BillForm1/Cust1BillForm2/Cust1BillForm3/Cust1BillForm4/Cust1One InHouseConvert multiple Bill Forms of same customer, same destination and same Shipment in to one In-House number.www.boxonlogistics.com

Features of Software22INH1/C1INH2/C2INH3/C3INH4/C4One MasterConvert multiple In-houses of different or same customers, same destination and same Shipment in to one Master Number.


Features of Software23

Select the ROUTE for a Shipment and automatically COST of the routing appearswww.boxonlogistics.com

Features of Software24RATES FOR A SHIPMENTRates will calculate automatically by FRAME WORKRates for Customer, Carrier, Agent CommissionStorage Rates: will calculate automatically from Bill Form created date to Invoice generated rate.Default Minimum rate is automatically calculated for every customerAny extra handling charges can added Profit & Loss Cost table for a Shipment


Features of Software25Partial ShipmentFull Container Load & Less Truck LoadCustomize the Container measurements according to the loadItem Wise Tracking and Track & Trace the ShipmentBarcode dynamically generated


3. Operations of Software26


PO Box Dashboard27


DASHBOARD 28After Login You will find the above screenshotClick on images it will navigate to corresponding pagePending files will appear as alert (Observe the number beside Bill Form)Top of the menu find number of requests came from Web portals


MENU BAR29Enter Master Data (Add Customer, Port, Container, Carrier, etc) Assign Rates for Customer, Carrier, Storage & AgentsComplete transaction for a Shipment from Warehouse Receipt to Consolidation.Allocate Zone & Location for an ItemWhatever the data you add in this menu will appear as drop down list for a drop down field in the applicationAdd Employees, Assign Roles, Create Logins & PermissionsCreate Quotations , Pickup Orders & generate ReceiptsReceipts for Waybills, Loading Guide, etc.View Customer generated tickets and assign those tickets to Employees


End-End Flow of the Software301. Service Name: Create a Service Name between Source & Destination2. Rates: Assign Rates for that Service Name3. Add New Customer: Add a Customer & assign Service Name and Rates in same screen4. Quotation: Create a Quotation & generate Quote receipt and send an Email to Customer5. Pickup Order:Create a Pick Up Order and generate a Pickup Order receiptwww.boxonlogistics.com

End-End Flow of the Software316.BILL FORM Screen (Warehouse Receipt)General tab:Enter Customer, Shipper, Consignee & Third party name and address. Select Type of shipment, Service Type & Service NameMeasurements tab:Enter item name and measurements of the packageWarehouse tab: Select a warehouse location for PackageAdditional Services: Select additional services rates, it includes in Final Sales valueAttachments tab: Upload files if any attachmentsNotes tab: Observe the Bill Form status & any errors herewww.boxonlogistics.com

End-End Flow of the Software32In Bill Form grid:

Generate Warehouse receipt Generate Invoice Send an Email to Customer or Shipper or Consignee or three of them at a time Generate Warehouse Labels Convert multiple Bill Forms of Same customer into In-House Waybill or B/L

6.BILL FORM Screen (Warehouse Receipt)


End-End Flow of the Software33 Click on Associate Bill Form link and Select the Bill Form numberAutomatically all Bill Form data populate in the In-House waybill fields Create Routing for Shipment in Staging Details tab Add if any Additional Services Make the Payments in Billing info tab Observe the status of the In-House in Internal Comments tab

7.In-House Waybill or B/L Convert multiple In-House Waybills in to Master Waybill or B/L


End-End Flow of the Software34Click on Associate In-House link and select the In-House Waybill Number Automatically all In-House data populate in the Master waybill fields Add if any Additional Services Observe the profit & Loss on the shipment in Cost Table tab Select the Carrier details in Carrier tab8. Master Waybill or B/L Observe the Master Waybill status in Internal Comments tab


End-End Flow of the Software35Generate Master Waybill or B/L ReceiptGenerate Invoice ReceiptGenerate Carrier Bill ReceiptGenerate Cargo Manifest ReceiptConvert master Waybill into Picking List

8. Master Waybill or B/LAfter saving the Master Waybill successfully


End-End Flow of the Software36Select the Master Waybill NumberIn-House Number, Bill Form, Warehouse Zone & Location, Item Name & Quantity all details will populate Select Picker name and Temporary Location Export the Shipping date Picking list in PDF or Excel format and Take print9. PICKING LIST


End-End Flow of the Software37Select the Master Waybill NumberIn-House Number, Bill Form, Warehouse Zone & Location, Item Name & Quantity all details will populate Select Packer name and Container ID Measurements(L*W*H) belongs to Container Populate Container measurements can be editable Prepare Cargo Release receipt



End-End Flow of the Software38 Source Admin will change the Status from Open to In-Transit in Master Waybill or B/L Destination Admin will change the status from Receive to Delivered in same Master Waybill or B/LAs


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