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Poem recital 2014 BYU Chinese Language Fair

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Poem recital. 2014 BYU Chinese Language Fair . jìng yè sī Level 1 静夜思 author: 李白 lǐ bái. chuáng qián míng yuè guāng 床 前 明 月 光 In front of my bed is the bright moonlight . yí shì dì shàng shuāng 疑 是 地 上 霜 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


2013 BYU Chinese language Fair

Poem recital

2014 BYU Chinese Language Fair chung qin mng yu gung In front of my bed is the bright moonlight.y sh d shng shung I doubt if it was the frost on the ground.J tu wng mng yu I lift my head to look up at the August Moon.D tu s g xing Lowering my head to think about my hometown. jng y s Level 1 author: l bi

2L Bi, (701762) was a major Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty. He is regarded as one of the greatest poets often called China's "golden age" of classical Chinese poetry. Li Bai was both a prolific and a creative poet, as well as one who stretched the rules of versification of his time. Around a thousand extant poems are attributed to him today. l bi


jng y s videos 4qunjnmxjnly Envy not the gold-threaded gown.qunjnxq shoninsh Cherish your youth before it's gone.yuhuknzhzhxzh Pick the flowers when full-grown.mdiwhukngzhzh Dont let them wither and fall down. jn l y Level 2 author: d qi ning

5 d qi ning was born in 865BC. She came from a poor family, but she was talented with singing, dancing, and poetry. With her talents, she was pointed to be one of emperor wives. There were very a few females Tang poems recorded. Her poem: Jin lu Yi was exceptional. d qi ning


jn l y videos C m shu zhng xin A loving mother busied herself with needleworkYu z shn shng y On clothes for a son who was going away;Ln xng m m fng On the eve of his departure she sewed thread after thread,Y kng ch ch gu Worrying that his return would be delayed and late.Shi yn cn co xn How could the love of grass only inches tallBo de sn chn hu Ever reciprocate spring after spring of sunshine day after day? yu zynLevel 3 author:mng jio

Mng Jio;(751814) was a poetof the Tang Dynasty, in China. he wrote many successful poems. He was an influential leader in terms of poetic innovation.Mng Jio

http://xy.eywedu.com/ancient/14/mydoc005.htmhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAQupfRoLjs yu z yn videos xrnychnghunghq Where long ago a yellow crane bore a sage to heaven, cdkngyhunghlu Nothing is left now but the Yellow Crane Terrace.hunghyqbffn The yellow crane never revisited earth,biynqinzikngyuyu And white clouds are flying without him for ever.qngchunllhnyngsh ...Every tree in Hanyang becomes clear in the water,fngcoqqyngwzhu And Parrot Island is a nest of sweet grasses; rmxinggunhchsh And Parrot Island is a nest of sweet grasses; ynbjingshngshrnchu With a mist of grief on the river waves.

hung h luLevel 4 author: cu ho

Cu Ho;(704 -754) was a Chinese poet of Tang Dynasty. He poems considered a main early classical Chinese poetry.cu ho


hung h lu videos