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Many different forms of poetry- all of it original work by Kim Nelson accompanied by my photography for a college project.Enjoy!!


  • 1. Mother Natures Artwork
    In Poetry
    By: Kim Nelson

2. Abstract
Mother Nature is the perfect artist. Her artwork is everywhere. Since the definition of artwork varies from artist to artist, the following presentation is a minute sampling of what I consider Her artwork to be. Each slide contains a photograph and an original poem. The photographs were taken here in southwest Florida. Each one was specially selected in hopes of opening the viewers eyes to Mother Natures beautiful artwork here in the local area. Each poem is dedicated to that specific photograph, expressing thoughts, feelings, or sharing a story. Several forms of poetry were used, which are labeled on each slide. Without the complimentary photography, the poetry would not be as powerful. The photographs alone, however, would still be amazing!
Enjoy the show!!!
3. Majestic mountains,
Oceans of blue,
Thundering skies,
Hues of all colors,
Exemplary scenery,
Rivers and streams,
North, south, east, west,
Animals, plants,
Tornados, hurricanes,
Uplands, wetlands,
Rainfall too,
Everything the earth gives to you!
Poem Style: Acrostic
4. Sun Fun
5. Swirling clouds and shimmering sunlight,
Shifting in between dim an bright,
Could stare all day and just might,
Spectacular delight,
Unable to fight,
Amazing sight,
Outranks night,
Just right,
Poem Style: Nonet (Rhyming)
6. Clouds watching over,
The sunlight warming the air,
The tree stands proudly,
Growing high above the rest,
Thanking you, Mother Nature.
Poem Style: Tanka
7. Bright tiny rays shine,
Like holes were poked in the clouds,
Breaking them apart for you.
Poem Style: Katauta
8. Soon the Man in the Moon will arrive,
Under his watchful eye
Nightmares are far from me,
Sand Man helps me fall asleep,
Earthly calmness consumes me,
Till morning, Sun.
Poem Style: Acrostic
9. Beautiful light shining above,
White like a dove,
Making it clear,
What to see here.
Like Mother Natures own flashlight,
Cloud covered fight,
Lighting up the sky,
Showing me up high.
As a Hollywood spotlight there,
No stage to share,
Shimmering glow,
Put on a show.
Poem Style: Minute Poem
10. Another days end,
A mixture of clouds and sun,
Nightfall drawing near.
Poem Style: Haiku
11. Up In The Clouds
12. As the clouds roll in,
Blocking the sunlight,
Causing shadows to flee,
Desperate animals run for cover.
Electricity lights up the sky,
Flashing here and there,
Giving a show,
Here comes the rain.
Instant flash and then BOOM!
Jeez that was right overhead!
Keep away from the windows,
Lightening fiercely strikes,
Mother Nature puts on a show,
Next comes another BOOM!
Ominouslyrain pours down,
Pelting on the windows,
Quickly drawing your attention.
Rain, Rain, Go Away!
Sing the children.
Tumultuous storm soon eases,
Ultimately fading away,
Vanishing from sight or sound.
Wetness and puddles all over,
Xeric it is not,
Young children splish and splash,
Zooming all around.
Poem Style: ABC
13. Dark storm clouds rolling,
Coming to invade the sun,
Taking over in the sky.
Lightening, thunder,
Rain pours down to re-nourish,
Mother Nature self-healing.
Poem Style: Sedoka
14. Poem Style: Petrarchan
A pattern asymmetrical,
As if painted with a brush,
Very carefully, not rushed,
Nothing identical,
A portrait from Mother Nature,
Spectacular work for sure!
Rippling cloudy tide,
OfHeavens ocean,
Rigged motion,
Mother Natures pride,
She smiles wide,
Her own magic potion,
Complete devotion,
As clouds move to the side.
15. Flower Power
16. Brightly colored wild flower,
Pollen shower,
Bees dream come true,
All thanking you.
Not too tall or even too short,
Gem of some sort,
Yellow and pink.
Green too I think.
Beautify and pollinate,
You sure are great,
Insects delight,
Perfectly right.
Poem Style: Minute Poem
17. That face youre making, its a bit silly,
With crossed eyes, purple nose, leaves of yellow,
You humorous animated flower.
Perhaps youre a class clown, little flower?
Never serious, but always silly,
You should be more cautious being yellow.
Cautionary warning Mister Yellow,
Take stock and pride in being a flower,
Its not always about being silly.
Mother Natures silly yellow flower.
Poem Style: Tritina
18. My Lucky Charm
19. Reflective rainbow,
Brightly shining in the sky,
Lifting my spirits.
Your colorful hues,
Shimmering from the sunlight,
Are making me smile.
Free-spirited you,
Breaking free from the clouds,
Proudly bringing cheer.
Mother Nature glows,
As colorful bands shine through,
Quite beautifully.
The only color,
Like a bow of raining hope,
Highly visible.
Loving reflection,
Brightening a gloomy day,
Poem Style: Haiku
20. Arbor Appreciation
21. Me,
Im here,
Watery self,
Looking down on you,
My lovely mirrored twin,
Familiar surroundings,
There you are staring back at me,
Ripples in the water blurring us,
No longer are we picture perfect.
But we are perfect in our uniqueness,
I can provide shelter, food, and shade,
Remaining tall and strong forever,
Even up against your foes,
But not you though, youchange,
Raindrops alter you,
As does the wind,
You are,
Poem Style: Etheree
22. If you see this tree on a Monday,
Here is what to say for a fun day,
I see your coconuts,
Youll be made into huts,
And well meet again on Palm Sunday
Poem Style: Limerick
23. Green leafy branches sway blowing in the breeze,
Fallen crunchy leaves beneath my walking feet,
Natural scenery makes me have to sneeze,
The sunshine is warm and the air is so sweet,
Sudden unknown movements make my footsteps freeze,
Relief when a rabbit appears, hard to beat!
Walking through the woods on a fall afternoon,
Loving you, Mother Nature, Ill be back soon!
Poem Style: Ottava Rima
24. Featured Creatures
25. Black and orange thing crawling around,
You might just be the best thing Ive found,
Where the heck is your face?
That just won you first place,
Oops! I just dropped you back on the ground.
Poem Style: Limerick
26. Oh Mister Turtle, where are you going?
Making your way ever so slowly,
Could you be looking for your mate?
With hard green exterior,
Warding off enemies,
Keeping yourself safe,
Along your path,
Do not stop,
Forage on,
Remaining strong,
Never lose your way,
Destination ahead,
You can do it I have faith,
Keep going to the finish line,
Total unnerved determination,
No hesitation, youre almost there now.
Poem Style: Etheree
27. Pretty little butterfly on my hand,
Beautiful design and nice colors too,
Thank you for picking me your spot to land,
Giving me a personal point of view.
I study you hoping to understand,
Then you take off, almost as if on cue,
Your graceful flight is one to be envied,
You are my favorite insect indeed!
Poem Style: OttavaRima
28. The Birds
29. A sky filled with colors of gold,
A perched pelican at rest,
Days ending soon to be told.
All creatures, young and old,
Adapt to nightfalls entrance at their best,
A sky filled with colors of gold.
Daylight activities put on hold,
At Mother Natures behest,
Days ending soon to be told.
No stars yet shining bright and bold,
Nor is visible the moons crest,
A sky filled with colors of gold.
Nocturnal happenings about to unfold,
A bartenders call for last request,
Days ending soon to be told.
Temperature drops, Mother warns Turning cold
Now all animals abreast,
A sky filled with colors of gold,
Days ending soon to be told.
Poem Style: Villanelle
30. Drink up little bird,
Wading in shallow water,
Rehydrate yourself,
Quenching your all mighty thirst,
Refreshing your strength to fly!
Poem Style: Tanka
31. So youre saying he went that-a-way?
But can I really trust what you say?
You with your awkward stance,
Like youre frozen mid-dance,
And your widespread wings of white and gray.
Poem Style: Limerick
32. S.O.S.
33. Stranded,
Bravely, boldly,
Sitting, waiting, staying,
Hurting, longing, hoping, wanting,
Poem Style: Cinquain
34. Ill take you there
35. Serene,
Bit green,
So clean,
Mother Natures serene marine coast.
With hues of brown bit green so clean; boast!
Poem Style: Tyburn
36. Picturesque pond surrounded by trees,
Like right out of a fairytale,
Perfect little waterfall,
Brilliant oasis,
Outlined with rocks,
Poem Style: Nonet (non-rhyming)
37. Cool sand beneath my feet,
Getting in between my toes,
Aroma of ocean air so sweet,
As it enters my sensitive nose.
A warm breeze now b